Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Brace yourselves...

Cord started high school this week. Freaky, yeah? His voice is an octave-and-a-half lower and beneath his armpits are sprigs of hair. I hear this is normal.  (I forgot to take his picture on the first day, but in my defense, it was 5am, practically the day before still.)  

He's not going to the nearby high school, but a far away performing arts one, instead.  It’s located in the heart of downtown Las Vegas, on the corner of Bitter and Sweet--just past that giant waving cowboy you’ve seen in movies, and three homeless dudes.  Besides the core subjects, they will also teach him such skills as “movements across a stage” and “juggling,” which is a weight off my shoulders. I have neither the time nor the patience to teach Cord how to juggle. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Umhum. The kid is as clumsy as they come. I need to bake his juggling teacher some cinnamon rolls. 

Gus started middle school today, or as I like to call it, Pleasure Island. The children smoke and swear and play pool and sing “hi diddle dee dee” all day long. But at least Gus has a good schedule with good teachers. 

(this is Gus "smiling excitedly," trust me)

Beyond his core subjects and the serious life lessons he'll learn (like how to say “no” to gateway drugs), he will also take guitar this year.  (That's his elective.)  His cheeks are still as squishy as a memory foam pillow and his hair is still as silky and soft as a baby chinchilla.  (Phew!)  

Homer, the ittle baby, is starting second grade. (That's three separate schools, if you've lost count.)  He still can’t say his “Ss” or “glitter glue.” (ga-litter ga-lue.)  His teacher is Mrs. Glisson. (Mrs. Ga-listhon.)
(those are shorts, not capris, trust me he's just ridin' low) 

We read all summer long and worked hard on math skills so he would have a jump start for second grade... is what we MEANT to do.  Instead, we ruined him this summer, letting him play too many video games.  Minecraft is the bane of my existence.  Now I'm putting all my hopes and dreams in Mrs. Ga-listhon.

As for me, I've decided to spend more time in my car this year, to just practice my driving techniques, becoming more skilled at merging into high traffic areas, waiting in long pick-up lines... break, gas, break, gas... things like that.  It will cost us around $16-$18 a day in petrol (almost 5 gallons), but I figure it's worth it.  Why shouldn't I indulge a little?  Sheesh!  Don't judge me on my first day back at blogging!     


Markie23 said...

I have no response to that. Just happy to see a new blog post!

Jana said...

Now THIS is what blogging is all about. I LOL'd the whole way through that one. You've still got it Jenny, you've still got it.

Memzy said...

I've missed this.

Carol said...

So,so happy to see you back. Loved every minute of it. Your boys are handsome dudes. Good job mom.

Krissy said...

Pure joy!