Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Your Attention, Please

HOMER: He is 5 and a half and his favorite movie right now is Matilda.

(Just wanted to write that down somewhere permanent in case I forgot)

He watches it several times a day, and he likes these two songs from the movie in this order:

GUS: Have I ever mentioned that Gus sleepwalks? He's been doing it a lot lately, maybe five times a week, but it comes and goes in waves. Usually he'll come to our room and we'll just tell him to go back to bed and he'll turn around and walk out. But if we ask him questions, he gets very confused, sometimes frustrated, and sometimes he'll say a string of nonsensical words. Creepsville. One way we can tell he's asleep and not just waking up and getting out of bed (because he does both), is by his eyes. They will look almost glassed over, and his pupils will be dilated.

Anyway, I've been meaning to get a good video of him talking in his sleep, because he doesn't remember doing it, and I want to show him/you. He came down the other night when we were watching TV, and I remembered to record him, but before I could get anything good, Tony comes along, being all "responsible parent" and ruins it all.

CORD: Casting was just completed for the spring play at Cord's middle school. They are doing a spoof of Peter Pan, called CSI Neverland. Cord was cast as the "Captain Hook" character. I'm glad his drama teacher was able to look beyond his physical stature.

MEMZY: She pointed this out to me last week while watching AI:

I don't overstand why she wasn't at least in the bottom 3.


Scared babies trapped in their exersausers with nowhere to run are the cutest:

You're not supposed to laugh at this, but it's OK if you do (PS. I love these parents):

Online speed dating. She probably went through a lot of jerks to get to him:

And in case you haven't met the brilliant lyricist, Rebecca Black, yet:

DISNEY: They're making another movie based on one of their most popular (?) rides. Yes, I'm talking about the Jungle Cruise. I hope the movie uses those anamitronic rhinos. They're my favorite. And the backside of water.

HOTPANTS: She texted me this last night, after looking up directions to Japan from her house on her iPhone. Apparently, she'll need a kayak.

EEK: She texted me some pictures of my new niece, Tuesday (aka Tootie). That name is tdf, yeah? I LOVE it!

Yes, it's dark and sideways and a little blurry, but her cutest shines through.

That's all I gots.


Landee said...

That Rebecca Black song reminds me of that SNL skit they did about Tracy Chapman just looking out her apartment window and singing about what she sees.

That dad launching his daughter in the air video is "no longer available." What the? Thank goodness I watched it earlier on my phone cuz I would have been maaaad to have missed that. Hilarious and so glad that girl can still walk.

Gus...sleepwalking... geez, tell Tony to go away. That was just getting good!!! And congrats to Cord! And to Homer for being so open to movie choices.

ManicMandee said...

Loved everything about this entire post. Thank you!

Memzy said...


Memzy said...

Homer: Really glad you documented

Gus: Really, really glad my kid isn't the only one who does this. Creepsville indeedy.

Cord: Not even surprised. The kid IS drama. So good at it.

Memzy/Me: I totally overstand this being my new favorite word.

Scared baby: I El-Oh-Elled multiple times during this vid.

Abusive dad: I LOVED it. Especially how the parents couldn't stop laughing right after.

Online proposal: If this is frealz....I dunno......cute or super weird? I can't decide.

Rebecca Black: "fun, fun, fun, fun,...fry-eee-day" I have some questions tho. Why is she sitting at a bus stop, if her friends are picking her up in their car? Why is she so indecisive about whether to sit in the front or back seat? If the girl standing to her right is her friend, then is that girl on her left her frenemy? Did the general public REALLY need to be informed that Thursday comes before Friday, or that Sunday comes after Saturday? I don't think these questions will ever be answered.

Disney: yes, very yes

HotPants: I thought a jet ski might be more apprope.

Eek: Adorable times a mil!!!

Emily said...

You never disappoint!