Friday, March 18, 2011

In Honor of Fried Egg

Rebecca Black's single, Friday (pronounced Fried-egg), is number 23 on iTunes, and still climbing the charts. Srsly, I checked it last night and it was like number 82 or something. Smash hit!

Also, I'm sure you've heard the news about Jennifer Lawrence landing the roll of Katniss in the upcoming The Hunger Games (by Suzanne Collins) movie--very pleased with that decision, btw--but I read something in this article regarding the casting that confused me:

"[When] asked about Lawrence playing the dark-haired, biracial Katniss, Ross replied: "Suzanne had no issues with Jen playing the role. And she thought there was a tremendous amount of flexibility."

A) What... I had no idea Katniss was biracial and I've read THG at least a ha'-dozen times.
B) Not that there's a problem with that, I just didn't see race specifically mentioned in the book. Unless "Seam" is a race.
C) Did you picture her biracial?
D) Charight.
E) OK, what two races is she?
F) Fine, then why isn't Prim biracial?
G) Yeah, that's what I thought.


Memzy said...

No way she is biracial.

However, MY Rue is actually black sooo.....I guess anything is possible?

Memzy said...

Since I texted you about the Katniss girl casting make sure to do the same for me if Peeta gets cast before I copy what somebody else said on FB and text it to you. Kthanks

Katie said...

I think Rebecca Black should play Katniss. Two of the most suspenseful moments of my life were (1) wondering if Katniss would survive the hunger games, and (2) wondering if Rebecca would sit in the front seat? Or the back???????

Plus the name Rebecca/Black is biracial.

Markie23 said...

Katniss is biracial like Dumbledore is gay.

Carol said...

I got nothin'. This post is over my head. I'll just wait for the movie.

Krissy said...

Where'd you go? I miss you in the blogging world! I hope this is just a temporary absence...come back soon.