Saturday, February 19, 2011


Here are some Links:

Here are some other Links:

First, you must watch this movie trailer if you're a fan of one or more of the following things:
The Legend of Zelda
John Hughes' films
Bizarre Love Triangle
The 80s

Side note: All songs from the 80s should come in 8-bit form. I listened to the end of that video about 8 times 10 times. (That's 80, for those of you who don't have time for math)

Second, speaking of movie trailers, check out this Myspace Movie trailer for people who are sad that everyone left Myspace/people who wanna mock people who are sad that everyone left Myspace.

Side note: Who invented Blogger? I Googled it and couldn't find an answer in 10 seconds or less, so I gave up. I don't think it was a young Harvard drop-out anyway, so who cares. But I found this time-line of the Life of Blogs. Scroll down to December 1997. That's where it gets interesting. Weblog, to We Blog, to Blog. It's all about simplifying, people. Smplfy!

Third, check out this article about iPads by John Swansburg. (I don't know who J. Swansburg is or anything, if I sound like I do.) If you're lazy and don't wanna read it, it basically says if you're in the market for a super expensive iPad, there's "a device for that," and you probably already own it. What says you, iPad owners? Agree? Disagree? I'd still receive one as a gift, btw, if you're thinking ahead to my birthday on June 12th.

Also, in case you haven't heard, Borders filed for bankruptcy. Not all locations are closing, follow that link and scroll down to see the list of locations near you that are closing (they are listed in seemingly random order for your inconvenience).

Why is this so depressing to me? Why didn't the government print more money and bail them out? I'm not saying they should have, I'm just curious as to why. I like books. Is this partly my fault cuz for the last few years I've downloaded 99.9% of my books on my Kindle, rather than shop at Borders? Just because I don't shop at Borders anymore does not mean I don't want the option. This is smply unacceptable.

Now, on to American Idol. I'm not gonna start making rash predictions about who's gonna win 'til they narrow it down to 24 or 36 or what ever even-number they choose this year, despite the fact that I already have some rash opinions. At this point, I only wish to give a nod to the brilliant editing I've noticed this year.

Case in point, the following scene from group week, in which the judges find out that sweet little JC had been kicked out of a cool group and accepted into a group of rag-tag misfits. When the camera cuts backstage to the ring-leader of the cool group (the guy responsible for giving JC the boot), he's applying a generous layer of Chap-stick to his lips. That's the smart editing I'm talking about. Because there is something highly dismissive about Chap-stick. It says, "I gots no time to worry 'bout you, my lips are dry," further villainizing their chosen villain. Take a look:

Chap-stick guy can definitely sing, but how far can he possibly get after America saw him carelessly moisturizing his lips backstage while JC was keeping a stiff upper-lip in front of the judges? The only Americans who are gonna vote for him are the cold-hearted snake ones. What says you, AI fans?


Jana said...

Poor little JC. I hate that chapstick guy.
The most hilarious part so far to me (and I know Krissy agrees) is how they just keep showing that cowboy dude singing the same exact song over and over again. "Baby lock them doors, and turn the lights down low."

Memzy said...

That is the best Zelda/80's/BLT movie trailer EV-ER. EV. Er. This is the Jenny I've been missing here on these "We Blog's".

You made my day.

And also, I always knew it about those iPads.

Memzy said...


Krissy said...

I told Jason that same thing about chapstick Guy. He basically lost it for himself. Heartless. He made me cry my eyes out. I am loving this season so far, judges and all!

Baby lock them doors...

eekareek said...

Zelda the Movie: Eat my shorts. Did you read any of the comments? One person said "One problem, Link doesn't talk in the video game." Hahahahahahahahahahaha! I love dumb people.

My Space Movie: Favoritest part: When he took a picture of himself in the bathroom mirror. Why do people do that?!?!?!

Timeline of blogs: 1997? Really?

iPads: I am saving up to buy one for Wolfe. So what?

Borders: It is all those Kindle people who ran them out of business.

A.I.: JC kind of reminds me of Jesse...the boy who used to live with me...the one that tried to kill us...IDK...He is kind of hard to like because of that...::Looking at my feet and feeling ashamed::

Markie23 said...

That was Zelda/Hughes brilliance.

ManicMandee said...

Thanks Jenny :)

Hot Pants said...

I have my own confession to make. When they first showed chapstick guy at his first audition, I thought he was down syndrome. I was thinking it was going to be a cute/sad story that AI likes to do to try to tug at our heart strings.
Jana/Krissy- Dwight and I laughed so hard we cried over the replay of the country singer singing the same song.
This is the best season ever of AI!!

Katie said...

I think the chapstick will hurt him for sure.

I also really, really hope this girl isn't a gold digger.

Carol said...

Your tribute to Zelda et al is brilliant. Where do you FIND this stuff? And I am excited about AI for the first time in several season. It's gonna be a good year. Love the judges but need to know (feel dirty investigating it myself)--is Stevn Tyler light in the loafers?

Landee said...

Steven Tyler is not "light in his loafers" AV. On the contrary. Although, I'm sure he's experimented in his time. When he was drunk or high (not on life).

But srsly, Jenny... what do you think about the girl who freaks out every episode and wanted to quit group week? Meth addict? Cocaine? Her time the alley with her boyfriend with no cameras to "calm down" is highly suspect.

::heading to read/watch/look at all your links since I now have a spare couple of hours::

Carol said...

Requesting more posts. Do it for ME.