Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hello Blog

I've been very busy lately--for example, I spent about an hour this morning Googling Jodie Sweetin. A lot has happened since Full House. But I don't have time to update you on all that, you're gonna have to look it up for yourself.

Anyways, while I was on the Internet, I thought I'd stop on my blog and write something. I don't have a lot of time, mind you. I'm very curious about the Llewelyn Davies boys.

Anyways. I'll do this later.


eekareek said...

I was shocked and appalled the last time I googled Jodie. It does seem like she is trying to get her life back together though. I think a heart to heart with Danny is in order. Not Joey though, he doesn't take anything seriously.

Landee said...

Why did you make me google her? I wanted to remember her saying "How rude!" with her bangs and curly hair.

Now that I've seen her disgusting fake boobs and read about some of her latest "projects" (i.e. meth & coke) I feel like a little piece of me died.


Memzy said...

I google anything you tell me to. You are my go-to Internet girl.

Come back soon, Jespy.

Carol said...

More--I need more blog posts from you. You have been missed. And BTW, Memz shared your recent 'presentation' with me and I was moved, impressed and uplifted. Again, I need more.

Shel said...

Jenny, Jenny, Jenny.

We miss you. You don't blog. You don't FB. You don't call.