Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Catch up

The kids and I got home from our (extended) holiday trip on New Years day.

We were supposed to drive home two days earlier to celebrate the new year at home with Tony and the Flems, but I got sick and couldn't get out of bed to make the drive. Messing up those plans added another dimension to how bad I already felt. Sigh.
Huge public apology to the Flems.

The Thurstons were nice enough to let us crash their family New Years Eve plans, and we took partying to a whole new level. Half the people left around 10pm, they just couldn't handle how hard we were partying. See those cheapy chocolate ice cream cones in the above pic? My dad provided those but didn't stick around to watch us enjoy them.

We got up at the crack-o-dawn, practically, on Saturday to drive back to Vegas. The roads were still pretty bad, even though we missed the worst of it due my above mentioned illness.

It was a white-knuckle drive most of the way. The inside of our car never warmed up enough to defrost all the windows, and we had ice on the inside of our windows until we got past St. George. Is something wrong with our car, or is that norm when driving in freakishly cold weather?

Something that is for sure wrong with our car is its lack of space. I hate to bash on the '02 pear-toned XL-7, but it's super cramped and uncomfortable.

At one point on the drive, Cord was singing this song he likes to see if I could identify it (I couldn't, he sounded completely toneless), when he noticed that he had butt-dialed someone (a girl from Drama who he's crushing on). He quickly ended the call, but it was too late. Via text message, she confirmed that she had just gotten a weird call from him.

He was like, "what should I say, what should I say?!" all in a panic.
I was like, "Say it was your brother!" all in a panic.
So he texted back to her: "Oh. Sory! My brother was singing a song to my mom. What a nerd, right?"

What a nerd, indeed.

About 13 hours after the start of our drive, we saw our city lights on the horizon:

Love that feeling.

Now, I sat down at the computer today, intending to blog about Christmas, and all the fun we had on our trip, but when I tried to transfer all of our Christmas pictures to the computer, I noticed there were only six pictures on our camera and they were all close-ups of Homer's hands and feet.

Yes, Homer has deleted Christmas. It's like it never happened. I'm especially sad that you won't get to see Cord open his unicorn meat. Here are a few pics that were on my phone:

And here's a video of the kids playing with the baby toys they got from Santa:

We very much enjoyed staying with my parents over Christmas. I love their new house. It's just so homey. Speaking of homey, Homer is obsessed with my dad's dog, Jake.
(See following pics of Homer holding Jake, and watch Jake turn into a blur as he struggles to get away.)


eekareek said...

Glad your home safely. It was fun having you gize here for the holidays. I can tell that Jake is really lonely and missing Homer. He keeps laying on his back, pretending Homer is holding him, and squirming wildly around everywhere.

Memzy said...

Oh man. For not having a pic on your camera there sure are a lot of pics and vid here!! Those baby toys from Santa are creepy/can'tlookaway, no? I want to go to there.

PS. Your dad is adorable.

Emily said...

Thank goodness for the iphone huh? You got some awesome footage there! Glad you had a good time and made it home in one piece.

Flem said...

I am not sorry you stayed another day, it looks like you had a great time and it turns out that Steve got sick on New Year's and vomited on our way out of Vegas. That would have been a terrible night for you guys and who wants extra illness floating around.

Anyway, I did miss you and your partying ways but we will see you next time around. Sorry about your pics--that is why my phone is now my sole camera.

Katie said...

I love that picture of the Vegas horizon.

And I love the video of Homer. Careful though, because I think a similar video of Michael Vick put him in prison for 2 years.

Carol said...

Loved your post--but sad to hear you were sick. Why is it that so many people get sick over the holiday? Is it the weather, the food, the traveling, the germs. . .what is it? 13 hours is a long time to drive. Kudos to you and the kids. Loved Homer and Jake. You need to get that kid a dog. Hop to it. (JK) And byw, it was a little freaky seeing your frozen inside windows. I've seen your car--and I think it was the freakishly cold weather. Glad you're home safe and sound.

Cristin said...

Looks like you guys totally know how to party!

Being sick sucks and traveling after being sick has to suck more. Bummer.

Krissy said...

glad to see you are better and that you made it home safely! Was it the pizza that made you sick? I am guessing you will want to go somewhere else next time we do lunch...maybe Jaker's???:)

Landee said...

I'm not comfortable with how Homer is...um..holding Jake. I'm surprised Grandpa Gus allowed this.

Glad you went. Glad you're home. Never speak ill of the XL7 again.