Thursday, December 2, 2010

Just Another Middle School Play

It's been ages, I've much to say. I'm not gonna say it all now since that would take forever.

I'm gonna start by posting this video of my adorable child performing in his adorable middle school play. It's a long scene. I don't expect you'll watch it all. But at least get to the part when he switches to a French accent at the beginning of Part 2. I was rather impressed.

The play is called Just Another High Middle School Play
In this scene, Cord is Romeo, along with various other male voices.
The puppeteer is played by his BFF, Michael.
Juliet is played by his IRL drama club nemesis.

Coming up...
1) Pictures of the freakishly good Mac 'n Cheese I had on mine and Tony's anniversary
2) Unique Christmas gift ideas
3) My annual unattainable Christmas wish list that I always manage to attain
4) You Tube videos I like
5) Things I saw on the Internet
6) A Very Merry Shedersplin Thanksgiving
6) Our photoshopped family pictures that may or may not be ironic, by the very talented Memzy Shederton


Memzy said...

Um of course I watched it all!! The French accent is dead on. But one of my fave parts is your giggles every so often.

Memzy said...

I love the Christmas gift ideas and your wish list. Didn't you do both of those last year too? It's basically an expected tradish. And those pictures will definitely be ironic. No doubt about it. Can't wait. Just keep in mind that I'm leaving in two weeks so get those posts up before then. Otherwise I'm afraid you'll have to return that groovy homemade Christmas gift I gave you. Believe me people heart fake jewels and puff paint!

eekareek said...

Cord definitely out shined his IRL nemesis. Tell him I said Bravo.

Emily said...

I loved the videos! Entertaining as usual. Can't wait for more posts!

Katie said...

That is one handsome, talented kid you have there. I already promised my first daughter to Memzy's boy but now I'm thinking hmm, maybe I need to weigh all the options...