Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas in Idaho

For the first time since moving to Las Vegas 11 years ago, we Esplins are celebrating Christmas in Idaho! Monumental, yeah? We have my parents to thank, for they made this magic happen.

Btw, this was the only thing on my annual unattainable gifts-that-I-always-manage-to-attain list... and as you can see, I attained it. My good fortune continues.

So, I headed up to Idaho on my own with the kids last Saturday, via Utah, under extreme road conditions. Visibility went something like this:

Still, the drive wasn't too bad until we passed Ogden, and then the snow started coming down and the road got pretty slick, and we almost died. Here's how:

We were on a straight stretch of freeway when the back wheels started sliding out to the right, so I overcorrected it, and then they started sliding out the other way, so I overcorrected it again. After that, the whole car slid sideways down the freeway, until it turned and started sliding backwards (we got a 3 second view of headlights coming toward us), and then it completed two slow, wide spins down the freeway before finally crashing in a snowy ditch off the side of the road.

In the moment, I couldn't remember how to get a sliding car back under control so I just let my foot off the gas, didn't touch the break, and let it slide. Of course, we were screaming the whole time (except for Homer who had only "squeezed his eyes shut tight"), and it took forever for the car to finally land. I had enough time to think about crashing and yell "ohmigosh, we're gonna flip, we're gonna flip, hold on, hold on, hold on," and sing the first verse and chorus of Carrie Underwood's "Jesus take the Wheeeeeel" (I didn't sing it, but I had enough time to) before the car finally stopped. I took a few minutes to calm down, and made sure the kids were OK ("that was awesome!" they said--charight), and then I reversed out of the ditch (eventually), and white-knuckled it the rest of the way to Boise. Only took 14.5 hours. The "only" part is sarcastic.

Anyhow, we were very fortunate we didn't hit any cars or slid off the bridge into the snake river.

Boise got one more night of snow fall after we got here, but I think that's gonna be it.
Too bad, cuz now that we're here and we gots our new snow boots, we wouldn't mind a lil more snow.

I got to attend the infamous annual Bailey Family Christmas Party (white elephant gifts included an emergency identity-change kit with sunglasses a cell phone and a real SS card, these pants expanders that everyone fought over, and an adult-sized onesie). We've had lots of family gatherings, and I got to see my newest nephew in person for the first time ever.

I present to you, Dennis Adorabible Morgan:

He is the sweetest baby, never cries or fusses, just sits there with his widdle eyes open all the time and we all can get enough of him. I want him. Srsly.

If I could be guaranteed a baby this sweet, I would kidnap one.

Tony flew in Wednesday afternoon. He didn't almost die on the freeway like we did.

Boise friends: I know this is late notice, but I'll be here through the week after Christmas, if you wanna meet for lunch at Carl's Jr. I'll call you soon, kbye.


ManicMandee said...

Crap, you guys almost died and I didn't even get to say goodbye. You should really stop and see us sometime when you're driving through. We'd love it.

My favorite part of this post was the "Jesus take the wheel" reference.

Have fun in Boise! Merry Christmas!

Cristin said...

::sighing heavily:: I wish we had snow that I could almost die driving in but wouldn't drive in it but just make the kids go outside and play in it.

I'm super happy that you got your wish! Give that adorabibble baby a big squeeze from me.

Landee said...

Dennis the Menace (he better get used to that) is sooo cute!! I wanna bite those thighs and he wishes I was just kidding. I'd probably kidnap him even if he were a total crankbutt.

So glad you didn't die. That woulda sucked.

Jana said...

Oh my gosh!! That is scary! Glad you're ok :) If only so Lily and Homer could be BFFs at church and cause havoc in the hallways. Excited for lunch!
and that baby = CUTE

Krissy said...

Hooray! Glad you are here safe and sound. See ya soon!

Memzy said...

You made me relive it all over again!! Phew to the 100th.

Merry Christmas eve!!

Anna B said...

So glad you didn't die. I'm with Landee that would have totally being the Christmas season and all. You TOTALLY have to stop on your way back. My boys have been asking when we would be seeing those "Vegas" cousins again.

Carr Family said...

Glad you made it here safely... after studying the forecast we chose the Nevada route. We didn't hit any snow until about 30 min outside of Boise. My mom and I bought boots and snow gear that the kids have worn 3 times I think. It was fun while it lasted!

Emily said...

Phew. You had me on the edge of my seat...glad you made it safe and sound! Merry belated Christmas!

ShelBailey said...

Geez, I'm glad you guys are OK. I did donuts on a highway once on black ice. It wasn't a fun experience.

Next time, you should come here. No snow to slide in. Although, we are getting epic amounts of rain...I should go back and work some more on the ark....