Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Christmas Carol Rap

This is Cord and his BFF's project for reading class. They got 98%--2 points docked from their score in the category of "dancing" (chip off thy ol' block), which, as we all know, is a fundamental aspect of reading. Ahem.

Just so we're clear, he played this video in front of his whole entire class. I asked Cord, "Did they laugh?" and he goes, "Yeah, but I think they were laughing at me, more than with me." This did not seem to bring him any shame.

I had zero creative input, I only held the camera. Due to computer technical difficulties, Landee actually helped edit this video for us all the way from Denver, CO, and even added a title a credits to the final copy. (Much obliged, lil lady.)

Also, here's a video of a ladybug being adorable.

More updates to come! If I can find some time to spare! Geez!!!


Markie23 said...


I didn't know ladybugs made such fantastic pets, and they're so much cheaper and easier to clean up after than dogs.

Carol said...

Loved the Christmas Rap. Especially, "Talk to the Hand". Cord's got talent!!

Emily said...

That boy of yours has some mad acting/rapping skills! And that lady bug is pretty talented too.

Hot Pants said...

I LOVE that they incorporated the "hide your kids, hide your wife" song!
Howie watched the video of the ladybug and said, "Their turtle is getting so big!"

Katie said...

Impressive! If I were Cord's teacher, for sure I would have given him an A+. If I were the ladybug's teacher, probably more like a B-. He got a little lazy near the end.

Memzy said...

I really don't wanna underrate the rap (cuz that was amazing!), but that ladybug keels me!!

98% btw? Lame. I was thinking more like 105%. Extra credit for the cute Gus transitions.