Friday, December 3, 2010

24 Perfect Christmas Gift Ideas

After weeks of extensive research, I have complied a list of 24 Christmas gifts that are bound to make someone happy.

#1. From ThinkGeek, temporary tattoo hand puppets.

Stuff those in your stockings, Santas!

#2. Also from ThinkGeek, a real live working guitar shirt.

I saw the video. Seems legit.

#3. For that person who has everything, unicorn meat.
Magic in every bite, you say?! Again, seems legit.

#4. Next, plush Star Wars figures... that make sounds!

I cannot. Resist. Chewy. Must. Buy.

#5. Speaking of Star Wars, these adorable, movable LEGO Star Wars alarm clocks are selling out everywhere, and now they're going for about $50 to $100 on Amazon.

But I happen to know that they still have some at Toys R Us stores for only $25. Better hurry!
Scale to size:

#6. Limited Edition Garden Gnomes are at Costco for a limited time only, I assume.

^If you know anyone who loves gnomes and I know you do.

#7. I like this coloring book because it teaches kids the many shades of white (snowball white, polar white, frost white, igloo white, and the popular Arctic white).

#8. This is a good gift for someone who has hundreds upon hundreds of Boise State shirts cluttering up their closet:


Did you know Goodreads gives away free books? The program is called "first reads," and it's a mash-up of two things that thrill me like nothing else in the world: free stuff + sneak previews.

How it works is, publishers and authors give away a certain number of free books before they are released to the public (ARCs) to spread the word about the book and get some early reviews up. You can sign up for as many as you like and winners are picked at random. And then you can rub it in peoples faces that you read it before it was released, = gift that keeps on giving.

#10. Amazon has a new Kindle cover with a built-in light. It's a bit pricey, but if you're a rich person it's perfect!

Kindle Lighted Cover (Fits 6" Display, Latest Generation Kindle)

#11. Speaking of, did you know that the Kindle price has dropped to $139? That's after tax, and shipping is free. For the price of about 2 kindle covers with built in lights, you can buy an actual kindle. And it's new and improved!

#12. I'm sure you've already seen these, but I love that Hasbro came out with a new twist on 5 classic games.

And they are cheep! Only $10 at Walmart! And Hasbro has a $3 off coupon, so it's actually only $7! Print it HERE!

#13. I'm also loving all the LEGO boardgames.

#14. Fish bowls that hang from walls or keep your books from falling over, cuz everyone appreciates short-term pets.

Wall Mount Fish Bowl Aquarium Tank Beta GoldfishFish Bowl Bookend Set of 2

#15. A charming couch pillow shaped like a house.

You can buy it from uncommon goods for $155, or you can make one for free out of scraps of fabric from around the house and a magic marker. I recommend the latter.

#16. Mustashe pillow cases from Urban Outfitters.

::insert guttural French laugh::

17. Because it makes me absolutely sick when people throw away their ticket stubs:

#18. A reusable ziploc baggie (as it is made of glass).

Not just for iPhone lovers. It would be the perfect ironic gift for someone who hates iPhones.

#20. That thing from the mall that you've always wanted that gives you the chills in a good way but you never bought cuz it was a total rip off. Well, it's only $6 on Urban Outfitters dot com. Stocking, meet stuff.

Discovery Rainbow In My Room
For more intensity, get two of these gadgets and make a double rainbow all the way across the sky. The sky in your room.

#22. They're cute, they're zany, they're Sing-A-Ma-Jigs! And they are highly addictive. Tony and I once stood in the isle at Smiths and played with them for a good 30 minutes. And I think they are hard to find these days. Get 'em quick!

#23. A rubber slap bracelet watch from Hot Topic. Most of the fun will come from taking it on and off, cuz who really cares what time it is, right?

^^Comes in pink and black and green, too. It's BoGo, too.

And finally...

#24. A Fushigi ball, because (according to both the commercial and Homer), anyone can do it, you don't have to be a magician. Plus, since they've been advertising it like crazy on TV, your kids probably want it very badly on a subconscious level, even if they didn't ask for it.

Anticlimactic ending, I know. I should've put the unicorn meat last.


Landee said...

This list is amazing. I must have that reusable glass ziplock baggie!!!! And I've had a problem figuring out what to get my parents. Those tattoo hand puppets are just the ticket.

Katie said...

I love your list! Except that it feels like punishment for those of us who finished our shopping early.

By the way, a couple years ago I somehow got on the Think Geek mail list. I have to admit I'm like a kid on Christmas every time that catalog arrives.

Jami said...

Amazing ideas. My shopping just became a lot easier. Do you think the unicorn meat comes in a "light" version?

Jana said...

Wow- this list is amazing!! Where do I get me one of them sing a ma jigs. I just watched the video and they are so dang adorable.

Jana said...

^Never mind. There's a link. Doy.

Memzy said...

Oh. My. Christmas!!!! I'd like to request a quarterly gift list idea for those of us buying birthdays and other such as well. And btw that coloring book is all sold out! ::insert pouty face here::

Which one are you getting?

Markie23 said...

That unicorn meat sounds magically delicious. I need one of those Chewbakas now. And why are there not cute widdle Link dolls on this list?

ShelBailey said...

Sam needs about 10 of those ticket stub books. He keeps stubs from every single movie. Even if it sucked.

Anna B said...

Thanks for motivating me to go out and do some Christmas of course.

Emily said...

You are just a giver. Thank you! You actually listed two of the things on Sarah's Christmas list along with a link for a coupon. You rock!

Carol said...

Just think how interesting Primary sharing time would be with those hand tatoos. The unicorn meat made me gag a little. Let me know which ones Santa brings you