Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Various things...

On behalf of Nevada, I'm sorry we're sending Harry Reid back to Washington, but the GOP candidate, Sharon Angle, was too extreme for Nevada, too extreme... for America. She srsly needs to try out for the X-Games, she's that extreme.

Here are my kids+BNFs (Best Neighbors Forever) on Halloween:

Aren't my kid's costumes interesting/creative? Homer is something the color white, Gus is something the color black, and Cord is something the color orange.

I sent my kids out Trick-or-Treating with Tony, and I stayed home to pass out candy. At about an hour into the night, I started to wonder at the fact that no one from our ward had come by our house yet. Half our ward lives in our neighborhood, practically. Then Tony sent me this text:

(see last bubble)

Yeah, so, no ward members came by our home. Oops.

I made this crock-pot lasagna:

Hmm. It doesn't look as good as it tasted. Trust me. I got the recipe from watching Oprah, but it's no different from making it in the oven. I just didn't know you could make it in a crock-pot. I'm a nube.

Speaking of Oprah, in case you aren't watching her final season cuz it's too cliche, or because you wrote her a nasty letter one time and now you can't watch anymore, or because you're busy being busy, here is her interview with JK Rowling. Who doesn't love JK Rowling? Who doesn't want to listen to her talk? Hear her rag-to-riches life-story? I never get tired of it. Sigh.

You might also like Oprah's interview with the whole cast of Sound of Music. Single tear!

I've been watching lots of old movies on Netflix with the kids lately (movies that stream instantly to your TV, which is awesome/addictive), and I thought I'd remind you of a couple sweet movies that you might have forgotten about:

Young Sherlock Holmes
The Journey of Natty Gann

And I also wanted to warn you not to talk/beg your boys into watching the documentary Babies with you, because within the first five minutes you'll realize that the women in Namibia don't wear tops, and sometimes that hippy mom from San Fran goes topless too, and you'll have to shoo the boys out of the room immediately.

Speaking of Sherlock Holmes... Have you seen the cool, modern BBC version of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes airing on PBS's Masterpiece Theater, simply called "Sherlock"?

I recommend. There are three 90-min programmes (with an extra m and an e--so cute.), and the best part is, you can watch the programmes that have already aired right here on the PBS website.

Side note: Notice that Dr. Watson is played by Martin Freeman! Tim, from The Office! Not Jim, Tim! From the BBC version of The Office! Duh! He's also cast to play Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit!


iLike this song:


Flem said...

Boo!! I just left you a point-by-point comment but it got erased. Must have been a sign.

Great post and I am happy about 1 as you might suspect.

Memzy said...

Lots to comment on here!

First: elections suck. Especially in Cali and Nevada.

Second: Are you going inactive? Jay Kay! We let our kids T.O.T on our block too.

Third: You cook? I thought we were "sisters" in our UNdesire to cook thing.

Fourth: I don't watch Oprah. I look to you to keep me posted on anything interesting. I will be watching the J.K. Rowling thing immediately.

Fifth: You warned me too late. We all watched Babies together. And once we'd "gone there" we felt like me had to muscle through. Turns out everyone loved it and there were no residual effects. I'll keep you posted on future therapy tho.

Sixth: Sherlock!!!

Seventh: Nice. Me likey.

eekareek said...

Trick or treating on a Sunday is okay by me. It is just a family walk through the neighborhood, saying hello to the non-members, and getting a piece of candy. In fact, some of them might even start investigating because of it.
Love Netflix. Especially the instant streaming to my Wii. I also love that you FINALLY used my Christmas present to you from last year.

Jana said...

I'm with eekareek, isn't trick or treating kind of like tracting? And the lasagna is good, huh? I'm gonna have to try it. Totally watched Babies thankfully not with the kids, but still a little awkward with Eric. AND Xgames- Lollerz

Katie said...

Natty Gan!! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for dusting off that movie & bringing it forward from the recesses of my mind.

Markie23 said...

By "too extreme" I assume you mean "too extreme to the right". Is there no such thing as "too extreme to the left"? Cuz there's "left", there's "far left", and then there's "Harry Reid".