Friday, November 5, 2010

Things I've been meaning say about Ragnar...

2010 Las Vegas Ragnar Relay Team
"Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt"

Ages ago, my cousin Anna (seen above in the white hoodie) invited Tony and I to join her 12-person Ragnar relay race team, and I said heck yeah, even though I really didn't know what that was. It turned out to be the most painfully fun thing ever!

Anna took care of all the arrangements, all the rest of us had to do was learn how to run good. And I tried. I really did. I ran a lot.

(Actual picture of me running not suitable for Internet)

Our team ran a total of 195 miles, uphill both ways, over barren desert terrain, and it only took us about 37 hours.

We had two vans, carrying 6 runners each.

Van #1:

(BIL Dwight, Me, Memzy, Shed, Uncle David, my home-turf BFF Ally)

Van #2:

(Cousin Kerra, Tony, Dave, Hotpants, Trent, Anna, Anna)

Our van (#1) got up at 4am, after getting to bed late the night before, to make it to the starting line on time, and it was during that early morning ride that I realized that what we were about to do was actually physically impossible. And when you find yourself in an impossible situation, with a group of people who also find the situation impossible, the whole thing suddenly becomes hilarious!

"What were we thinking??? We can't do this! Hahaha! This is silly. We're already exhausted and the race hadn't even started. That's hilarious! Hahaha! More cowbell. Hahahahaha!"

Believe me, it was 37 hours of funny. You had to be there.

And it turned out, it wasn't completely impossible, because we did finish the race. We placed 251 out of 256 teams. I feel sooo bad for whoever got in last place. Pathetic!

Much thanks to Anna for including us on her team! Both Tony and I had a ton of fun.

Anyhow, you can see more pictures and read more about the race HERE and HERE (if you haven't already). I'll (fingers crossed) also have a Ragnar video montage for your viewing pleasure as soon as I can get Anna's video clips formated correctly--technical stuff only I understand, etc.

If you want to know where our team name came from (Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt), see the following obscure YouTube Video:

Notice that dude was clearly hit by a lightning bolt ball multiple times, yet he didn't flinch until that girl prodded from behind with a stick. Cheater.

Obscure YouTube videos are a great place to find a team name. Don't argue with me.

Take for example, this video:

I'm confounded at 1:08. Not by Lil Markie's voice, but by the entire congregation, who are just sitting there. Watching. Who ARE these people? I must name a team after them.

"Lil' Markie's Enraptured Audience"


Jana said...

WOAH. I don't remember anything you just posted after watching that Lil Markie video. I'm greatly disturbed.

ManicMandee said...

You brighten my life every time you post. I need more of this stuff to get me through the day. Post more often please.

Cristin said...

Ok, I think I'm officially jealous of all your pain and laughter.

Why wasn't anyone looking around like "what the....????" when Lil Markie started singing. You would at least someone do a side glance or something....craaaaaaazy. Go team Lil' Markie!!!!

Carr Family said...

Can I just say that I love your blog? Lil Markie was priceless, seriously the whole audience was completely composed... impossible.

Carol said...

Let's just say that Team Lighting Bolt, Lighting Bolt, Lightning Bolt ROCKED the Ragnar even though you came in 521st place. I'm so proud (wiping tears from cheek). So proud.

I cannot comment on Lil Markie--I'm speechless.

Carol said...

251st place. Ignore my dyslexia.

Emily said...

Wow. That was thoroughly entertaining. It's been fun reading all the Ragnar posts!

Heather's Blog said...

ha ha ha. I'm guessing he wrote his "Fearfully" song

Memzy said...

Now that I think about it,.....the insanity is what I was drawn to. Hhahahahahah. More cow bell.

Lil Markie!!!!! I just died.

Hot Pants said...

I think Lil' Markie originally wrote that to be a duet with a member of his congregation. But when he couldn't find a sole to join him, he remembered the Donald Duck voice he used to bear his testimony with the week before.

Markie23 said...

I wonder if there are any more voices/personalities hiding inside that man's head.
P.S. Markie ain't so "lil".

Krissy said...

Awesome job on the ragnar! I told Memzy I will take over Hotpant's driving job when she recovers from her so-called "knee injury".

good to know they have a church for multiple personalities.

Hot Pants said...

Krissy, as soon as my knee recovers, I will be testing it out by kicking yours and memzy's butts.