Friday, October 15, 2010

Hot water is romantic, compared to cold water.

Did you know that water heaters cost about $1,500?

^^in cursive, like they did on checks back in the day
so there was no confusion.

Our water heater broke.

Ironically, we happen to be broke too.

Ideally, only one of us would be broke at a time.

Alas, twe're both broke at the same time.

In an effort to stay positive and not stress-out and save our hairlines from receding anymore than they already have, I had a conversation with Tony that went along these lines:

Me: "Hey, you know what? Our anniversary is coming up next month. We could count the water heater as our gift to each other."

Tony: "Yeah. Sure, OK."

Me: "This is actually kind of perfect because, we're so broke, we probably wouldn't have gotten ourselves an anniversary gift this year!"


Me: "We've never spent so much on an anniversary gift before! Wow. Fifteen hundred dollars."


Me: "Quite the splurge, but sometimes you gotta go all out."


Me: "Happy anniversary."

Tony: "I'll try to pick up another shift next week."

Anyway, it's not so bad, spending all that money you don't even have on a water heater when it's actually an anniversary gift.


eekareek said...

You guys need to get a room.

Cristin said...

that sucks.

Emily said...

I hate stuff like that happening. It's painful to spend so much on something that you never anticipate having to replace.


Katie said...

I'm pretty sure you could finance a water heater by setting up a table on the strip, and selling some of that emotionally charged digital art. It is some impressive work!

Carol said...

dJust consider it. . . ."the gift that keeps on giving".

Carol said...

THEN it's romantic. ? No?

Landee said...

Can't you just write that off? I hear of people writing stuff off all the time and apparently it's a good way to save money. Look into it.

But srsly... $1500 for an anniversary present? You gize must be rooooling in it!

Hot Pants said...

For our tenth anniversary we got a washer and dryer. It brought us closer than ever.

Tell Tony to sell another nickel.

Memzy said...

Why did I not comment on this genius post yet?

Memzy said...

Personally, I think hot water is incredibly romantic. And I'd pay money for artistic prints like those framed in my house. Leading down the hallway to the play room. Disaster.

But srsly, unexpected costs blow.

Carr Family said...

awesome. we just had a similar experience with our oven that decided to break after 4 1/2 years. $600 to fix it, or $750 to replace it. yada yada yada... I have a new oven that we absolutely cannot afford. I guess I could consider it our Halloween gift to one another, although that's not as romantic or expensive as your anniversary:)

Selene McGraw said...

Awww, quite sad. But if it serves its purposes, then it shouldn't be so bad. Think about all those long, cold showers you have to take if you plan to have another anniv gift. Now, isn't that a more painful thought?

Jasmin Shakespeare said...

Ouch! That's gotta hurt. Well, it's not a bad anniversary gift for the both of you, since the both of you will use it, right?