Monday, September 6, 2010

Volunteering Information Nobody Asked For

If you want to Google Stephenie Meyer, you only have to type "Ste" and her name pops up.

If you type in "Step", she moves to the top.

Her name shows up before fellow author, Stephen King.

Stephenie Meyer and Stephen King were linked together after King said in an interview with USA WEEKEND, "Stephenie Meyer can't write worth a darn... She's not very good." He then went into specifics about the Twilight series, indicating he has indeed read it. Strange, isn't it? Picturing Stephen King reading Twilight?

Both Stephenie Meyer and Stephen King agree on one thing:

"[The Hunger Games] is a violent, jarring, speed-rap of a novel that generates nearly constant suspense...I couldn't stop reading."
--Stephen King, Entertainment Weekly Review

"I was so obsessed with this book I had to take it with me out to dinner and hide it under the edge of the table so I wouldn't have to stop reading. The story kept me up for several nights in a row, because even after I was finished, I just lay in bed wide awake thinking about it...The Hunger Games is amazing."
--Stephenie Meyer,

I agree with both of them. After all, Suzanne Collins is my favorite writer.

If you type jenny in Google, these common searches pop up:

If you type in jenny esp, my name shows up toward the bottom of the list.

Add the L, and all those Latina jennys go away.

Hit search, and this comes up:

When spelling the word "search", my first impulse is to type "serch" even though something looks wrong about it.

In news unrelated to Google, Smeyer, Sking, Scollins, or my poor spelling habits...

I ordered the Magic Jack and canceled my home phone. Have any of you tried it? Does it work well? I hope I don't live to regret that decision.


Katie said...

Impressive! This answers so many of my questions. The first one being, “What happens when all your kids are in school?”

Jenny ESP said...

For your information, it's Labor day. No school. But yes, this is representative of how I spend my time, kids or no kids.

Memzy said...

Muy MUY interesante Jenny espl

AV was telling me today at our BBQ how random your recent posts have been. She's wondering how much DC you are ingesting. I think it's been AWES!!

Can you be our tester of the magic jack? It sounds too good to be true.

eekareek said...

A pencil, because a vest has no sleeves.

Landee said...

The title of this post is a lie. I specifically asked you for this information a week ago and said it was due today. Nice job of getting it in under the wire.

This makes me bugged I have such a common last name, btw.

PS She's also spending a little time helping TBone out with his Frontierville homestead. Just FYI.

Jenny ESP said...

So, AV is under the impression that my blog has a theme, and I have somehow veered from that theme in recent days? I submit THIS, and THIS, and THIS. Case closed.

Eek, what you would take with you if you were stranded on a frozen tundra?

Landee, srsly, what has Tbone gotten me in to??? He knows how weak I am when it comes to virtual crops.

Markie23 said...

"Mark Bai" brings my name to the top of the list. I have to scroll through 4 pages before I find a link that actually refers to me however. But the 5th link down on the first page refers to this MB:
On September 10, 1998, Mark Bailey shot his 22-year-old wife and 2 1/2-year-old son as they were asleep in their beds.

Flem said...

Online data is what people refer to as "the new agriculture." You are welcome.

If you search for my name you get a harvard prof. Who is a man.

And I haven't heard of the magicjack but a friend of mine who has the 4G has one of
these And they never have reception problems at their house so I would assume something similar would be worth it.

Carr Family said...

nice post. As much as I enjoyed Twilight, I have to agree with Stephen King, she's not the best writer. Suzanne Collins on the other hand.... good choice for your fave Jenny.

Oh, and by the way, I didn't know your parents moved. yep, how dare they!

Emily said...


Heather's Blog said...

Your family pic at the top is hilarious! We ordered Ooma and we love it (from Costco). Jeron's friend had Magic Jack and got rid of it after a week. He said reviews are not very good on it. Hope I catch you b4 you buy it. I just read the Hunger Games series and loved them. Now I'm onto the Queen of Babble (dirty, but good).

Jenny ESP said...

Dirty, but good. Hear that everybody? Take note of the Babble book.

I already ordered the Magic Jack, but I rarely use my home phone so I guess it's no biggie if it turns out to be crap. I shoulda known with a name like "Magic" Jack. Magic isn't even real.