Sunday, September 5, 2010


Someone should create a candle that smells like a burning match. Then I would host Burning Match Candle parties at my house and sell them for you. We split 60/40. Plus I get 50% off the ones I buy. Great for the bathroom. 4th of July. Etc!


Landee said...

I'll host first!! So, what, I just invite my friends over, you show your candles that smell like burning matches and we split the profits 60/40? Do I need to put out some snacks or just have a really stinky bathroom in order to show off the product?

Also, if I get my friends to host is there some kind of bonus Febreze scented candle I get?

eekareek said...

Done. Having my first party on Thursday (because that day doesn't interfere with FHE, Enrichment, or Y.W.) and plan on feeding Morgan chili last Wednesday night.

Sara M. Carter said...

pure genius.