Tuesday, August 24, 2010


My plan all along was to announce the winners today, on Release Day, in a rather dramatic fashion. But being dramatic takes time, and I forgot to take into account the fact that all my spare time on Release Day would be used up reading the book in question: Mockingjay.

I'm 66% through it. I can't willingly put it down.

The Gamemakers have emailed me their scores. I know who the winners are. However, I'm not gonna just blurt it out and lose an opportunity to blow the whole contest out of proportion and make a huge deal about it.

I knew you'd understand.

You're too busy reading anyhow.

Tomorrow I will announce the winners and prizes.

Sit tight.


Landee said...

I'm 34% through and lemme just say that currently, I'm pissed. And not about the winners not being announced.

::spinning around and around until my wedding dress starts on fire and I turn into a mockingjay::

Carol said...

I bought the book at 4:35 P.M., came straight home and have been reading ever since. It's a good thing--otherwise I would be impatient about the cake contest results. I'll be checking at about 8:00 A.M. Yeah?

StandsMom said...

I am very carefully pacing myself with the book. I blasted through the first two so fast it was dizzying. Today, I've blasted through my phone battery, constantly checking reader and email and fb and poll results and hitting refresh. Are you going to post all of the graphs and stuff like you did last year? I think that stuff is way cool and I'd love to see it again. :)

Flem said...

Yes I am reading too. Intermittently with my other duties, very frustrating.

ShelBailey said...

What?!! My preordered book hasn't come yet, so the cake contest is all I have!!!

Memzy said...

I'm 3/4 through and plan on finishing in the next couple of hours. So you are forgiven for the cake contest. I wondered anyway how you could focus with that beautiful book in your hands....on your kindle.

I dreamt of the book all night and I"m gonna bawl like a baby when it's all over.

Cristin said...

/wrists. I'm like Shel, I don't even have the book in my hands!!! I was just living for the cake contest till my book got here. So depressing. SHHHHHHHH No giving away the details of the book just yet pretty please!