Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Official Winner(s) of the 2nd Annual Hunger Games Cake Decorating Contest

I finished Mockingjay last night. We started this series back in September of '08. We've been thinking about it, obsessing about it, making cakes about it, for almost two years. Now that it's all over, I feel like ripping the little blue pill from my left shoulder pocket with my teeth and swallowing it.

Now, on to the cakes!

Listen, there are no losers here, all right? I just don't want most of you to feel like total losers since most of you lost big time. And you're gonna get some srs consolation prizes anyway, so see? No losers.

Turns out, we had 7 super clever and thoughtful Gamemakers scoring our cakes*, rather than 5. Lets all put three fingers to our mouths and then extend those fingers in thanks. C'mon. Do it. Good. Now onto the winners!

In third place, Tribute 6. by Shel,Sam,&Meg!

Well done! Your invisible bookshelf should be arriving soon, milady.

In second place, Tribute 1. The Catalyst by Landee!

Delish! You may choose your prize, nerd.

And in first place, Tribute #7. Blood and Roses, by Standsmom!

Striking! Magnificent! You will receive a snuggly Hunger Games themed blanket asap, sleeves not included. It'll basically look something like this:

Don't worry. I'm capable.

Big congrats to the winners!!!

Now, 'tis time to console the non-winners with their swanky personalized magnets.

Tribute 5. Katniss Everdeen's Last Kill by Allyoop

I must say, you hit the Fiver on the eye with this one. (see Watership Down for reference)

Tribute 3. The Last Gamemaker
by Yours Truly (yes, I linked my own blog)

It's perfect as is, no? I knew you'd agree.

Tribute 2. Finnick's Eyes, Shinny with Tears by Memzy

Yes. Clearly, Memzy. That's Mags. The name of your cake just threw us, is all.

Tribute 4. Katniss's Tree Revenge by Michelle and Scott Esplin

One magnet for each of you. The only problem is, when I separated the two cakes, the second one lost it's frame of reference and now it kinda resembles a pile of... well, you'll just have to fight over the one that doesn't look like poop.<--said gently and with much love.

Tribute 8. The Quarter Quell Arena
by Cherie Bailey

This Tribute was a pleasant surprise for me. Did you know Markie's better half made her own cake this year? I was sad for her when I realized she had a like-minded stiff-competitor in Shel. I know just how she feels.

Which brings me to my African American counterpart:

Tribute 9. Seneca Crane by Markie

You stole my thunder, Markie. Your cake is bigger and beefier than mine. No hard feelings tho, eh?

Tribute 10. District 12 by Eek

The symbolism of this piece was exquisite. Frankly, I'm not surprised it won the popularity poll. The pirate captain (aka Hotpants' friend) was out of town.

Tribute 11. Monkey's Attack by Sam

I very much admire Sam's particular style of cake decorating. Not only do her cakes tell a story, but who doesn't like to lick frosting off toys?

Tribute 12. Beetee's Wire and Katniss's Arrow by Angie Murdock

This Tribute was another big surprise for me. My dear, sweet SIL entered this delicious confection. Plus, I loved this scene at the end of CF.

Tribute #13. Panem by Flem

I loved this cake because it finally gave us a much-needed map of Panem. Imagine the research that went into it! Plus, I've never seen frosting so shiny. For a full explanation of that frosting, click HERE.

Last but certainly not least...

Tribute #14. The Boy with the Bread by Hotpants

This has to be the hawtest cake I've ever seen. (I had to backspace through all of my other comments as they were highly inappropriate.)

That is all. I hope you enjoyed the second annual Hunger Games Cake decorating contest. Thank you all so much for entering the cake arena. You really came through for me. Until next time, Tributes.

*I'm not gonna post the scores from the 7 Gamemakers in deference to the non-winners, so you're just gonna have to trust me. If you throw a hissy about it, then I'll forward you the email with the scores and then you'll reply with an awkward, yet profuse, apology. Up to you.


Landee said...

2nd place!!!!!


In 12 of your faces!!!

Stands deserves it, but alas, I regret ever bringing her into the SRBC. That blanket woulda been MINE! (jaykay...jaykay about the jaykaying. I'm srs).

I want the metal mockingjay keychain which I shall promptly turn into the most awesomerest necklace ever behelden by human eyes. And then I shall be the most envied person alive.

StandsMom said...

::wiping a tear from my eye:: I nevereverevereverever win anyanyanyanyanything!!!!!!! I don't even know how to respond......

P.S. How do I type a hissy fit?

Gurbinder Bali said...

Congratulations StandsMom your cake design won!

we were all rooting for you

ManicMandee said...

Totally enjoyed being a spectator of this years cake contest! Great job to all involved.

Memzy said...

Well I wasn't rooting for her but that's cuz I was rooting for me. Next cake contest some kinda rools about profesh people entering. And you KNOW what I mean about profesh Stands. No arguing. But srsly, it was sooper fun and I lollerzed my Mockingjay suit (made by Cinna) off when I saw my magnet. It. Was. Mags!!!! Hah.

And btw, Jespy WILL deliver an amazing blanket. I have a personal "Glee" one that she made me for my birthday. To. Die. For. My whole family fights over it.

ShelBailey said...

OK, this is the hissy...i'm really interested in the scores. Research for next time, ya know?

And we're excited about our invisible bookshelf. :0)

The McLaughlin's said...

I have to say, this was the most exciting few days on the internet machine (as Landee aptly calls it) that I've had in awhile! I think the next cake contest you should have should be in honor of the movie Breaking Dawn. Feathers, anyone? ;)

eekareek said...

Really?? Are you sure I didn't win first place? I want a re-count.
Congrats to the winners and all that too, btw. And I totally agree with McLaughlin! I actually texted to Jespy that we should do a cake contest for Breaking Dawn! Lets be friends.

Hot Pants said...

I'm for sure gonna have the hottest magnet of any of you sorry losers!! Eeeeeeeekkkk! I can't wait to say, "my fridge has never looked so good!!". I TOTALLY won again this year!!!!

samandlysander said...

Congrats to the winners! Those cakes looked so good. I'm so excited about my magnet, last year's magnet was getting kind of lonely on the fridge. I can't wait to find out what sort of cake contest we will be having next year.

eekareek said...

I beg to differ Amy. Did you see MY magnet??? My fridge will be the hottest.

Carol said...

Congrats to all the winners and participants. Great cakes--they rival the Food Network Cake Challenges.

Markie23 said...

A big thanks to to the judges for taking the time to judge our humble but culturally significant contest! I'm glad I didn't have to lead an uprising as they totally got it right.
Now... Why is mine the only magnet without something clever written on it? Is it because you couldn't think of something funny to say about a black Seneca Crane hanging by a noose, or is it that you were just afraid of being politically incorrect. No matter, I guess it speaks for itself. Another great job hosting another great contest!

Flem said...

I never put together lynching with this contest before, thanks Markie.

As for the contest results, I am 100% in agreement with the winners and think we should hold another contest, just to remind us we should never do it again.

Who are these judges? The scholastic folk?

Emily said...

Congrats to all the winners! I was happy to see the cake I voted for made the top 3!

Jazzy said...