Friday, August 6, 2010

Official Announcement: The Second Annual Hunger Games Cake Decorating Contest

The time has come!

To celebrate the long awaited release of the final book in the HG series by Suzanne Collins, Mockingjay, I am pleased to announce the second annual Hunger Games cake decorating contest.

Now, as a reminder of why we hold this annual cake decorating contest, it is required by the government that you read the history of the HG cake decorating contest HERE(<--last year's cakes), HERE(<--the fallout after last year's tribute rebellion), and HERE(<--the winners of the first annual HGCDC). If you don't then you will be killed, as per the government's request.

Anyone is welcome to enter the cake arena, so feel free to pass this along to your friends and family. (The ones that suck at decorating cake, at least. We don't want them to actually beat us or anything.) If you are brave enough to volunteer as a tribute, simply follow the following simple steps:

Step #1: Decorate a cake in some way that represents The Hunger Games, or Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. It doesn't have to taste good, it only has to look good. (And srsly, check out last year's cakes if you haven't seen them, so you don't make the same thing.) Under your frosting, there must be cake.<--that is a rule, punishable by death disqualification.

Step #2: Take pictures. Lots of pictures. From all different angles. Of your finished cake.

Step #3: Email those pictures to me [ajesplin at gmail dot com] by Sunday, August 22nd. Yes, any time between now and the 22nd is fine. No, you can't turn it in on the 23rd. I'm sorry you're gonna be out of town on the 22nd, but for the last time NO, you can't turn it in late. Sheesh. In the subject line of the email, you can write something like "HG cake contest". Also, choose a name for your cake (like "60 Seconds" or "Peeta!" or "whatever") for keepin'-'em-all-straight purposes. If you don't name your cake, I'll pick a random name for you. First thing that pops into my head, which is very risky.

That's all you gotta do. Piece of cake, no?

On Monday, August 23rd, I will post pictures of all the cakes (a few angles from each cake, just like last year).

Now, about how the winner(s) will be determined. As you know (since you were forced to read the history of the HGCDC or else be killed), last year, I was unable to figure out a fair way to judge the cakes. I tried to do the voting via an online poll, but most of the tributes cheated (ie. revealing which cake was theirs, casting fake electronic votes). All the cheaters claimed they were merely star-crossed lovers, but I saw it as an act of rebellion and promptly called for a re-vote. Subsequent utter chaos followed, and I practically had an uprising on my hands.

I cannot allow a rebellion to spark this year.

So, although I will still post a poll so passersby can vote on their favorite cake, that poll will NOT determine the winner(s). Got that? It's just for fun, to see which cake is most popular/see who has the most Facebook friends they can convince to come over and vote for their sub-par cake.

This year, the first, second, and third place winner will be determined by 5 Gamemakers, who have agreed to judge our humble cakes. To meet your judges, follow that link. They are fans of our previous work, and they are highly qualified to judge HG cakes for many reasons.

First, they've had several birthdays, which means they've eaten loads of annual cake in their lifetime.

Second, they shop at grocery stores and grocery stores sell cakes.

Third, their views and opinions do not express those of that big publishing company who shall-not-be-named.(<--I was required to say that. Yes, I know it's not really a qualification, per se.)

Fourth, they are an impartial third party, and will not spark a rebellion. (I hope)

Fifth, they aren't pirates.

Those are just the qualifications I could think of off the top of my head. There's probably loads more.

As far as prizes, there will be a first, second, and third place prize, plus a consolation prize to console all losers who entered. I am still brainstorming prize ideas. If you have a brilliant/reasonable idea, lemme know. That is all. Happy cake-making, and may the odds be ever in your favor.


eekareek said...

It is very important that I win. I have been watching Ace of Cakes and Cake Boss religiously to help me do so.

Landee said...

I'm out of town the 17th-22nd. You did this on purpose.

I followed that link and...I still don't know who the gamemakers are. Could you be more specific? Cuz I need to send them emails and stuff.

samandlysander said...

I saw this at the store yesterday and thought it might be a good prize for the contest.

Were you trying to say the people from scholastic are judging our cakes? If so I really need to step up my game this year!

Memzy said...

What Landee said.

And me es muy nerviosa!!!

::painting on game face::

Emily said...

I won't be submitting a cake, but I WILL be having fun watching this all go down. Can't wait!

Hot Pants said...

Crap!! I knew I shouldn't have canceled my scholastic magazine subscription! They're totally gonna not vote for my cake now I know it. Now if I lose we're all going to know why.