Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Things I Learned

My kids went out to jump on the tramp a few nights ago, and came bursting back into the house to say, "Mom, you have to come outside with us! It's cold!"

Curious, I checked the current weather on my phone without leaving the comfort of the first cushion of my couch and saw that 85 degrees is what my kids think is cold. Adorable, no?

In preparing for our garage sale last weekend, I learned that Cord does not form emotional attachments to objects.

Case in point:

I gathered the kids into the toy room (aka the lego room, cuz that's the only toy they really play with), handed them several trash bags, and informed them that we are getting rid of/selling every toy they don't play with anymore. I expected some protests, but without missing a beat, Cord starts dumping buckets of toys into his trash bag.

I was like, "Whoa, whoa, whoa. What are you doing? Don't you want to look through that?" And he went, "nah, I don't play with any of this stuff," which is true. Then I spotted the Steve Irwin action figure he got when he was like three years old, going into the trash bag, and I snatched it out. "Cord!" I screeched. "You got this when you were three! Steve Irwin is dead now!" And he went, "But I don't play with it anymore."

But this is different, you gize! Steve Irwin is dead! And Cord's had that action figure since he was about three! Is nothing sacred?

Don't worry, I saved it for him. Other sacred toys I saved were Harry Potter and Shrek. But then Cord convinced me to put Shrek back into the trash bag because his ears were broken off. The second Shrek sold (for $0.25) at our garage sale, I had srs regrets. Why had I listened to him?!

Gus's reaction was much different than Cord's. He clung to the lamest toys, ones he never plays with... until I informed him that he would get to keep any money he made from their sale. He blinked, and I swore I heard cash register sounds. Then he set himself up for disappointment when he priced his old Pokemon cards at 10-for-$3.

The kids sold a small portion of their toys and made $20.

I sold a small portion of my junk and made $106. No doubt worth several days of labor-intensive work. Ahem.

After our garage sale was over, I learned that nobody wants to buy our old, blue-plaid couch and matching chair for $75, and nobody wants it for free either.


Markie23 said...

I'll give you $6 for the Steve Erwin.

Carr Family said...

Steve looks like he's just aggravated a rattlesnake. Did he come with any wild life?

eekareek said...

Did someone say free???

Hot Pants said...

There was a time when I would have killed for that couch. Now is not that time though. Especially after you said "who knows what's living in that thing". Did you say that to anyone during your sale? Cuz maybe that's why no one took it.

Erin Beck said...

I made $78 at your garage sale selling my crap and spent it all before I even made it home filling up the Jeep and going to McDonalds. What a joke I tell ya

Emily said...

We had a yard sale about 5 years ago and that cured me for life!

Thanks for the laugh!

Memzy said...

I despise yard sales. Dee. Spize.

Steve Irwin would look awes in a curio cabinet.