Sunday, August 22, 2010

Motivational Prizes

If you haven't already, it is not too late to enter the second annual Hunger Games Cake Decorating Contest. You have a whole entire day and night (Sunday) to make your cake and email me the pics (by Monday morning). Srsly, enter a cake. I want you to. If you're reading this, I want you do it. If you don't, then we can't be friends anymore. Yes, I'm breaking up with you.

After much soul searching, I came up with these sweet motivational prizes*, way surpassing last year's super lame prizes. (Srsly, who wants a freaking mouse pad? Besides Markie?)

First place prize is this long red dress that says READ on it:

Gorge, no? We're all booklovers here, so I figured you'd' all go googoogaga for it.
(If a dude wins [ahem. Markie. Where's your cake, eh? Still dying your coconut grass green? Oh, OK.], then I'll replace it with a male tee version.

Second place prize is a copy of The Hunger Games, Chinese Edition.

Extremely rare. Very few of these were printed in China compared to the US (per capita, speaking).

Third place prize is this invisible bookshelf, unseen in the pic below:

You can't see it cuz it's invisible, but it's the shelf on top of which the books are resting. Hardware included.

Consolation prizes will be personalized refrigerator magnets, based on your cake entry. I reserve the right to insult/mock you or your cake on said magnet.

Now, I expect after seeing these prizes I'll have a surge of cake entries. Just try not to send them all at once and overload my motherboard or whatever. Try to space it throughout the day. Much obliged. ::tipping hat::

And may the odds be ever in your favor.

*Note: Those really aren't the first and second place prizes. I just said they were to get more people to enter. Sorry!!! I can't figure out what to award first and second place winners. The game? The Mockingjay pin? The 8 magnet set? His and hers key chains? An awesome, handmade Hunger Games blanket with the Mockingjay logo made by me? Yeah? You like that one? OK, first place for sure is an awesome, handmade hunger games blanket. Second place can't be as cool as first place, so it will have to be the HG magnets or the key chains. Your choice. Cool? Cool. Third place does get the invisible shelf, tho. That one was the real deal. Phew, right?

Glad that's settled.


Flem said...

My pic will arrive in your inbox by 11:59 pm tonight.

But if I win second I want the Spanish version instead of Chinese.

Markie23 said...

I just sent you our entries... did you get em yet... huh, huh, did ya?

Memzy said...

I can hardly contain myself!!

Memzy said...

Do you think that dress is church worthy?

Katie said...

I was totally planning to enter, but I already have that exact red Read dress (homecoming, senior year). Good luck to the rest!

Flem said...

You forgot about this prize. That is the one I really want, btw.

Emily said...

I'll be enjoying it all from the sidelines! Can't wait to see how it all goes down!

Krissy said...

I had intentions to enter this year, really i did. Today is stella's bday and I am thinking about making her a hunger games cake. I just don't think I can pull off a winning creation in 4 hours.