Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lots of Junk

We went to the DI the other day, as we are in the market for other peoples' junk to replace the junk we're getting rid of at our garage sale this weekend. Old junk is weird, so I expected to see some curious things, but there were still a few things that made me go "whoa, wha"...

^^What kind of people donate frames without removing their Olan Mills portraits first? This is unconscionable.

^^I've been a loyal Nevada Power customer for over ten years, yet I've never received a promotional martini glass. Or were these just for execs?

^^Chris's water bottle.
He doesn't need it anymore, and there are a lot of people in the world named Chris.

Anyway, I came away with one good buy. This sweet, like-new guitar stand for a measly $3.

Now I don't have to lean it up against the wall anymore.

In other news, my precious baby made it back from scout camp alive and well, except for some nasty scabs on his hands and knees. That was expected tho.

(in case you're wondering, featured beside him in every pic is his bff, Michael)

He had the best time ever, so it was almost worth missing him so bad while he was gone. The only downside is now we have have to listen to him sing obnoxious camp songs for hours on end.

Got a sweet guitar stand, got my boy home, all is right in the Esplin house.


ShelBailey said...

Just based on the girls camp experience at our house, the camp songs will end in a week or two.

Of course, they'll be back next year...

Memzy said...

I can't tell you how awes it woulda been to have him and Brains at scout camp together. Why can't we just live next to eachother!!

We don't have a DI here so I just go to Goodwill. Once a year. And I always feel the need to double hand sanitize after.

Landee said...

We JUST got our first Goodwill and Salvation Army here in town and I heart them! (and our first dollar store too) Beebs and I hit them up on the regulah. I'd give anything for an awesome martini glass though. I'll be on the look out now as I didn't realize something that amazing would be in a place like that.

Markie23 said...

"I'll show you how I wiggle"... is a camp song?

Emily said...

You would LOVE all the salvage places and thrift stores around here. It's like a treasure hunt everytime. You wouldn't believe the crap er treasures I find!