Sunday, June 20, 2010

Twelve, say it ain't so!

My new born baby is tweleve years old today! Can't believe it. Doesn't
he look like a baby still? He's having tons of fun in the landerson's
basement with his new roller blades.

In other news, happy fathers day to all you fathers out there, namely
Tony and Gus--my dad, not my son. And a very special happy bday to my
very special friend, memzy shederton! May all your dreams come true.


Hot Pants said...

Looks just like the day he was born. Happy b-day Corduroy and Memzy!!

Memzy said...

Hard to believe he's "tweleve"! Amazing. Especially since I'm only 25 today!

Memzy said...

It's super jealous making for me this set up.

ManicMandee said...

12. Yikes. Happy birthday Cord!

Popular day for a bday. Not only is it Cords, and Memzy's, it's Eden's, and my brother in-law Mark's too.

Emily said...


Happy Birthday Cord!

Krissy said...

Happy bday to Cord!