Saturday, June 12, 2010

Please Touch Museum

Way cool unique museum for little kids, where they ask you, very
politely, to touch everything. (Don't worry, there's hand sanatizer
stations all over the place.) This is the Mad Hatter's tea party.
(Note Cord's extended pinkie.) Lots of cool pics from this museum,
can't wait to tell you all about it.


Krissy said...

You guys are a movin and a shakin on the streets of philly! Looks like fun!

Landee said...

Hand sanitizer yes, but what about lip sanitizer after the fake drinking of the fake tea covered in real germs? Just kidding. You know I hate hand sanitizer.

Are your kids exhausted yet???

Markie23 said...

A "touch anything" museum huh? Did any of your boys goose the curator lady? Too bad. Missed opportunity.