Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Long Weekend, No Money (plus, end of school year wrap up)

Today is the last day of school for us, and I couldn't be gladder. Finally, I can stay up as late as I want! I can't wait to escape my air conditioned house in the middle of the night, and wrap myself in a blanket of warm summer night air. Diet coke, good book, various desert bugs. Life just got a whole lot more relaxinger, eh?

Next week we're leaving for our annual Esplin family vacay (more on that later), so we decided that over Memorial weekend, we wouldn't spend a dime. (It's expensive, ya know, taking 5 people on vacation.)

So, we occupied ourselves over the weekend with a few big cleaning projects. The pinnacle of which was cleaning out our garages. We've been binging on clutter and trash and old things that don't fit, and it was time to purge it all from our lives.

My dad would be proud:

I'm not going to show you a picture of our other garage bc there's still stuff in there, and although it's organized in a way that makes sense to us, you wouldn't understand. Just know that we donated car loads of stuff and the garbage men hate our guts.

On a side note, Homer found a bike helmet when we were cleaning out the garage and has been wearing it around ever since.

Why do kids think they can get away with stuff like this? Is this Lady Gaga's influence?

K, Here's my quick, end of school-year wrap-up.

Homer graduated from preschool:

During the ceremony, Homer sat at the back of the stage, and his teacher sat right behind him, within grabbing and whispering distance. This set up was no coincidence, I'm sure.

Cord had his junior thespian induction ceremony, and was also given the outstanding performance award for his performance in "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead." He was either Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, can't remember.

Notice that they spelled his name wrong on his award. But they might argue we're the ones who spelled it wrong. I dunno.

Gus had his final drama production. He portrayed an unappreciated spider, brilliantly.

I was very surprised with how comfortable he was on stage. He has really come out of his shell this year. I've always described him as a shy kid, and I can't say if that description fits him anymore. Good for him!

Here he is with his award for completing his first year of Drama Kids.

(I have way too many pictures of my boys in this same position^^. Next time, Cord's in the middle.)


Sara M. Carter said...

DARN! IM SO JEALOUS! we have to wait a whole week! ;(

Landee said...

I'd much rather my kid wear a bike helmet around non-stop than NEVER (even when racing down a hill on a bike or scooter or rip stick or whatever). <--what my kids do.

Love love love your garage! Next time I come visit I won't have to worry about tripping over empty Diet Coke cans and then wondering if a law suit would tear our friendship asunder.

And big congrats to the DramaBoys. I can't wait to say I knew them when.

ManicMandee said...

I'm skeptical that was really your garage. Who has a garage that is THAT clean?

And you know, I feel I should mention that my mom and Andy are doing a movie about Grandpa Bailey and his family. I'm sure you've heard. Your drama boys should have been at those auditions! Maybe you need to get them down to Bako asap to get on board.

Flem said...

I love this post because it reminds me of how awesome your kids are.

And you too I mean.

And was that big foot pic always up in the TVs? It just jumped out at me this time.

Krissy said...

Your boys should also win "best hair" award. Homer cracks me up with his helmet. I am jealous of your SPOTLESS garage and your warm summer nights (it wont stop raining here). And I cant wait to hear about your vacay!

Katie said...

What game is Homer playing there? Because if that's how he puts on his Poker Face, I have to give him serious credit.

Emily said...

Your dad would be so impressed with that garage! I'm also pretty sure your dad would DIE if he saw ours!

Thanks for the catch-up!

Princess Kimi said...

you needs shelves and bins.

The teacher needs to be talked to about whispering to and grabbing kids during the ceremony. It's distracting and sets a bad example fhs.

p.s. your boyerz are super handsome lads. I have a favritt of the 3 but I won't tell you in case it's not the same as YOUR favritt.

ShelBailey said...

Your boys are cute, but Homer is stinkin' cute. Love the bike helmet.

I never, in my life, had a garage that looked like that. We can't park a bike in our garage, much less a car. Ugh.

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