Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The truth about sugar crystals, and much more

In case you were wondering, sugar crystals grow faster in distilled water than tap water. I know because I spent Mother's day relaxing in bed and reading a book conducting a highly scientific 3rd-grade-level experiment that would give us the answer to that question the hard way. (the easy way being Google)

Notice the hounds-tooth paper on our display board. Nice touch, eh? I'm actually excited to hear back about my grade.

Other than that, my Mother's day went like this:
I got a lovely pink Snuggi.
Tony worked.
I took a decent nap after church.
The house was ransacked by burglars.
The end.

The night before Mother's day, Tony and I went to Wal*Mart. It was late, and it was freakishly crowded. They had maybe ten percent of their registers open, and the lines were loooooong. Utter chaos. We waited no less than thirty minutes in our line.

But right when we got in line, the checker ran over and handed us his "lane closed" sign and said we were his last costumers of the night. We were like, "whateves." Tony tucked the sign under his arm, and we began the long process of harvesting our imaginary farms on our iPhones, ignoring everything around us. But then all the sudden, Tony nudged me and points behind us and there are like fifty people in line behind us, reading magazines etc, as if they'd been waiting there for a while. And we're holding this "lane closed" sign. Dang...

(...hang on a sec, I gotta go. I'll finish this story right when I get back. )


Katie said...

::bated breath::

Memzy said...

Son of a......!

eekareek said...

The suspense is killing me!!!! Do they find a different line?? Does the cashier have to work extra late???

P.S. Gus sitting by your..I mean his science project with no front teeth is super cute.

Landee said...

This post came just in the nick of time as I was just about to plant my sugar crystal garden.

::buying ten cases of distilled water::

Jana said...

You mean Gus didn't think of the Houndstooth? I think you get an A.

Now finish your story already!

Emily said...

Do you have any idea how much joy you bring me when you do posts like this?

Anna B said...

K...Please finish story and I'm totally stealing this idea for next year.