Saturday, April 3, 2010

Oh yeah. My blog. I forgot.

I feel like I should mention how long it's been since I blogged, but I'm not even gonna say a word about it.

We had a jam-packed-fun-filled Spring Break. First, the notorious F.L.E.M. came to Las Vegas with her kids for a visit, and then the elusive H.O.T.P.A.N.T.S. decided at the last minute to come with her kids too. Throw in a few local Briecks (that's Beck+Riek) and those adorable Esplins, and you got something to envy.

(I apologize for the off-centered solitary picture I took during the whole entire visit.)

I had fun with the grownups, of course, but my favorite part of the visit was watching all those kids have the time of their lil lives playing together. I also liked when we played Noah's Arc, and I liked feeding my imaginary iPhone fish, rearranging the decor in my "showcase" tank, and tapping my (17) fish tanks every thirty minutes. That was fun.

(Your eyes do not deceive you. Those are killer whales (!!), coexisting with longfin bannerfish and etc.)

Our guests were headed home by Tuesday (thanks for coming!!!), and early Wednesday morning we drove with some local friends to SoCal for the second half of Spring Break.

We had way too much fun for me to be taking out my camera every few minutes and capturing moments, so I only got a handful of pictures.

We went to Knott's Berry Farm on Wednesday. The weather forecast said rain, but there was nary a drop! It was nice going to an amusement park with a bunch of people tall enough to ride the good rides. The only thing wrong with Knott's Berry Farm is their nonsensical rule that I must take off my glasses and set them haphazardly on the ground before I get on any ride that goes above 2 miles per hour. I felt like the hugest nerd, setting my glasses on the ground and then feeling my way back to the Pony Express and straddling my pony.

(That's not me in the picture. I just added it so you can get the full gist of my humiliation.)

It was hard to really enjoy the rides when I couldn't see what was happening, and I got a big headache from all that blurry vision, but oh well. Still fun. Stupid Knott's Berry Farm.

Here's Homer and his Bestie on a ride in Camp Snoopy:

(Terrible dark picture taken without a flash, but those tiny hands in the air are killing me softly)

(Only other picture taken at Knott's that wasn't blurry or the back of someone's head)

We spent the next day at the beach...

We rented these six-seater bikes...

...and raced around town for a good thirty minutes, or until our thigh muscles burned.

(^^Our whole group, aka a whole lot of fun.)

The next day, one of the families had to head back to LV, and the rest of us went to Universal Studios:

We didn't exactly go inside Universal Studios per se, but we did take our picture outside by the the globe thingy. Way cheaper. And guess who we saw there? Miley Cyrus! Not in person, but in the movie, Last Song. So... anyways.

Other things worth mentioning:
1) We went to Chickfila for the first time and discovered that we aren't missing anything. (FYI, their sauce is merely Wendy's honey mustard, and they refuse to serve toast.) GOD BLESS AMERICA!
2) We went to the American Girl store in LA, which was adorable. Thank goodness I don't have a girl, or else we'd be living in a homeless shelter with a bunch of extravagant dolls.

It was a memorable Spring Break, thanks to all the people who contributed to the fun.

The end.


Landee said...

I don't know that a freaky-foody such as yourself is in a position to bag on ChickFilA. I mean, you think a bean burrito is as good as it gets fhs. I loved this post until the end and now I'm bitter & never wanna tell you about anything ever again.

PS I missed you. Immensely and intensely. Never leave me again.

PSS Who is that cute little girl with the bob by Homer in that first pic? The one in the brown hoodie. kthanksbye.

Crysty said...

WOW....I'm exhausted reading that post...what a fun (and exhausting!) Spring Break! Take it easy this week! You've earned it!

Memzy said...

So sad I forgot to tell you about Diddy Riese sooner. Those ice cream sandwiches coulda been the "icing" on the cake. Get it? Get it?

Mmksy allsymgonna say is......not jealous. Not at all. And stuff.

Carol said...

When I saw you'd put up a new post my heart skipped a beat---with excitement. You've been missed. I know you were busy Spring Breaking yadda yadda but have mercy on your followers. We need at least token posts by-weekly. Loved all the pics and the fun info. Nothing better than Southern Cal in springtime.

Carol said...

P.S. Do not bad-mouth Chic-fil-a. It's unAmerican.

Jenny ESP said...

Landee/AV--see post edit.

Hot Pants said...

I've got 12 tanks now, and by the time you read this I should have 13. I also have 15000 saved up so far for my killer whales, and by the time I'm allowed to buy them I'll be able to buy a tank full!

I'm so glad Flem had a chance to imprint on me. I just need to find a way to secretly steal her baby.

Landee, we went to Dwight's grandma's 90th birthday party and Howie went up to wish the scary old lady happy birthday and she said, "what a cute little girl you are". So yeah, your 90.

Hot Pants said...

And btw, I know I should have written "you're" not "your". It's late, I'm waiting up for kids to be asleep so the Easter bunny can come.

ManicMandee said...

Has anyone ever told you your boys look like Justin Beiber? Is that how you spell his name? Never heard his music, but he's adorable.
Good to see you back on the blog posting your exciting life! One of these days I want to use the cool cross out words thing. So so cool.

Jenny ESP said...

HP--I already have a tank of 50 killer whales. Tank #4. I also have a tank of sea horses. Tank #2. The rest of my tanks (19, now) are longfin bannerfish, which I sell every 24 hours for 7,800 coins each. The tank pictured is just my showcase tank, which includes one of every fish, plus six mixed breeds that I made.

Sorry, everybody else. We're just talkin' tapfish. Happy Easter!

Erin Beck said...

I CANNOT wait for the next visit so I can watch all that fish tank tapping! Highlight of my week I tell ya!

Carr Family said...

I have a friend that loves Chick-fil-a so I went with her and was very disappointed. Actually, that's an overstatement, I really didn't have high expectations anyway.
Glad to hear a good review of the American Girl store... I'm taking my daughter to Chicago next month for the sole purpose of celebrating my niece's bday at AG. I plan on living on PB&J for a few months to make up for it:)

Flem said...

So I guess we need to ask what you ordered at CFA that you were underwhelmed.

You can not love it, I will still like you. Some people don't like the Book Thief either and they are likeable, right?

I have always wanted to rent one of those beach buggies (or should I say my kids always want me to order one) downtown SB but the pricetag keeps me away. Is it worth it?

Krissy said...

Looks like a fun filled week, just as spring break should be. Your boys are too adorable. And next time I go to Disneyland I think we will just stand outside and snap a few pictures...great idea, much cheaper that way.

Emily said...

How fun! Glad you enjoyed your Spring Break.

Princess Kimi said...

so...six peeps there room for a seventh person to say...just chillax and enjoy the ride and tap fish tanks? No reason.

That ALL looked like a blast. And I'm not just saying that to be nice cuz I woulda said something like "Awww that's awesome, I'm so glad you had fun!" if I was fakin. I'm puttin those places (cept knotts berry farm BOOOO) on my list of things to do pritty soon as possible after I clip the anklet.