Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Competitive Drama

Last night, Cord's drama club had another performance. This time it was a showcase of monologues, musical numbers, and duets. Cord went first and performed a humorous acting duet (not a singing duet) with his partner, and then the two of them sat on a bench on stage and watched as the other performers took their turn on stage, heckling them between performances, a la these two elderly gents from the Muppets:

It was quite entertaining, but the real significance of last night is that Cord now has enough performing "points" to be inducted as a member of Junior Thespian Troupe Number Something Something Eight. Which means he is now eligible to enter and compete in local, sectional, regional, state, national, and international drama competitions.

Yes, competitive drama. Drama is indeed a sport.

Now that I have an athlete in my family, I finally understand that competitive drive you soccer moms feel. You've got to be number one!<--said like Emilio Estevez in the Breakfast Club, mimicking his abusive dad. But I don't have to tape his buns together to get him on that stage. He is very self-motivated, a real acting pro, so all I really have to do is drive him to practices and show up on the night of his performances. Easiest sport ever.
K, so if you recall, he played Nick Bottom in A Midsummer Night's Dream earlier this year:

Well, I'm finally going to post some video. I was holding out for a copy of the better-quality video footage taken by the school, but the DVDs still haven't come in, so my own dark, bad angled video clips will have to do.

Note: I have five video clips here. If you only have time for one, watch the third one down.

I didn't capture Cord's first scene, which, if I remember correctly, was a real crowd pleaser. But in this scene, Nick Bottom (a scene-stealing thespian) and his acting troupe are practicing a play they hope to perform for the king and queen. So you don't get confused, Cord's character, Nick Bottom, is playing the character of Pyramus, and is referred to as both Bottom and Pyramus. Please note his subtle head nods toward the other kids when it's their turn to say their line:


In this scene, a naughty fairy has turned Nick Bottom's head into that of donkey, and Nick has no idea. When the queen fairy wakes up, she falls in love with donkey-headed Nick, due to a love spell she is under, much to Nick's confusion.


In this scene, Nick is sitting amongst the fairies, who are showering him with attention.


This is after the naughty fairy removed the donkey-head spell. Nick wakes up, thinks everything that just happened was a dream, and is mad at his acting troupe for leaving him asleep in the woods.


Here, Nick reunites with his troupe, and then they perform their play about the two tradgic lovers "Pyramus and Thisbe". The boy who comes out first and kneels between Pyramus and Thisbe is playing a wall with a hole in it, through which Pyramus and Thisbe talk. The part of Thisbe (Pyramus's love interest) is played by a boy with a beard, in case that's hard to tell from my dark, blurry video.


The end. Hope you enjoyed that, even tho your equally special kid wasn't in it.


ManicMandee said...

Ok, so I didn't watch the videos because I don't have working speakers on the comp at this point. But I was thoroughly amused by your description of your competitive little thespian. Such a cool kid that Cord.

Memzy said...

So, my little Cracker's chess tournament proves he IS an athlete after all? Yay!!

I watched every one of those clips and I'm thoroughly impressed with his ability to memorized all those lines! Plus, he's obviously the best actor there. Doyee.

Emily said...

Now, THAT was entertaining! That boy's got talent.

Carol said...

Unbelievably cute. He looked like he was seriously enjoying all the attention from the fairies. He's by far the best actor in the group and delivers his hundreds of lines with gusto. I enjoyed hearing you chuckle along the way. A great kid, for sure.

samandlysander said...

Wow he's really good! I see big things for this kid. I'm definitely not brave enough to pull off a performance that good.

Krissy said...

Watch out Brad Pitt! srsly, i think that kid was born to be on stage, he's a natural.

Katie said...

“★ ★ ★ ★”

I can’t believe how confident he is! (although the way he can pull off a toddler jacket should have clued me in). I loved it.

michelle said...

Cord was AWESOME!!! I'll need to plan my next trip around seeing one of his theatre productions live.
Your giggles in the background were pretty funny :-)

Princess Kimi said...

He's a nachurill! I can't WAIT to say "he's my cousins husbands cousin from online's kid" someday! What I don't get is why in the world they were playing Kris Allen in the background!