Friday, April 16, 2010

4 Parts

Part 1: In which I show you a few more pictures from that Petapalooza thing Kris Allen concert.

I use the word concert loosely. It was really just Kris Allen and his BFF and their guitars. No band. But they sounded really good. His BFF is freakishly hawt (see pic):

But it was a forest of hands and teeth around Kris Allen.

Oh yeah, the BNL played too.

They were entertainment pros. They did this synchronized boy-band dance at the end that looked super hard and complicated. They practiced that a lot at home, I'm sure.

I didn't have a video camera, but here's some audio I recorded on my phone of Kris Allen singing "Man in the Mirror" if you're interested.


K, Part 2: In which I show you the trailer for this new romantic comedy by Steven King:

Part 3: In which I beg for help.

I've been spending days, weeks, months trying to plan the perfect summer family vacay and I'm going crazy, like Jack in The Shining. It's really depressing, searching flights on the Internet for an entire day and coming up with nothing. All that time wasted. Here's some rules:

1) Has to be a place we've never been before (think east of where we live, cuz we've been all over the west)
2) Has to cost no more than $3,000
3) Has to be awesome
4) Has to be exactly like our trip to DC

Part 4: I forgot what I was gonna say. But there was gonna be a part 4, I swear!


Markie23 said...

I think it's time to use those Coke reward points and go to Dollywood!

Emily said...

^^Mark is onto something!! Did you know Dollywood is like super close to where we are moving to? Come to TN and we'll explore it together. Think, The Smokey National Forrest, Dollywood, Nashville...

Oh, and you can stay with us for FREE. That's IF you wanted to. Seriously though.


Did part 4 have anything to do with Ugly Betty getting cancelled and now it is over right when it started getting really good?

I just took the family to Seattle and had an action packed five day vacation for super dooper cheap. Like the whole trip was less than $750. There is tons to do around that area and the kids could learn all about Lewis and Clark.

This is your sister, Sara, BTW

Krissy said...

^oh yeah, i ran into Sara at the store the other weekend. We followed eachother around for a was fun.

I think your part 4 was gonna be about how totally awesome i am, right? Thought so.

Jenny ESP said...

We have looked into flying into Nashville, visiting Dollywood, and exploring TN, but we've yet to find a flight cheap enough for our whole family.

Em--when are you moving?

Psycho club--that's what it was! Thanks for reminding me.

Landee said...

Yes. I DID listen to the whole song. Then gave myself a round of applause. Thanx. He really took that song and made it his own, didn't he? He is so adorable. Really. Salt of the earth, that one.

I think Part 4 was gonna be something like "You know what? I just realized that in the same amount of time that I just took photoshopping all those hands around Kris(!) Allen(!) I probably could have finished my chapter of GITYD!"

PS I don't care where you go this summer as long as there is a stop in Denver. I'll help you with that leg of the trip/set up our tour of the mint.

Katie said...

That Shining spoof is one of my favs! We also love showing this one to our 5-year old.

Shel said...

So....I don't recall you visiting OUR house yet....

Memzy said...

I still can't believe the Kris Allen thing!! Give up on the vacay? Jaykay. It will all come together I'm sure. As long as our Shedersplins trip goes on without a hitch I'll be happy.

ManicMandee said...

We loved Boston! Have you considered that?

(No we didn't get a new camera.)

Princess Kimi said...

If you go to Boston before I'm allowed to I won't be able to bear it. So...... ever been to Ocean City Maryland? Carnival out on the boardwalk. OH and you could show the kids where that sniper shot at everyone. p.s. the hand photoshopping was worth it. I please to enjoyed that.

Carol said...

One of our favorite trips was to the Canadian Rockies/IceField Parkway. Unbelievable-awesome-fantastic. We saw wild life every day. Bears, Elk, long horn sheep 2 feet from me. I promise I touched his head. Try this link: We flew to Calgery, rented a car and took 5 days driving up and then back down. Seriously, it was great.

Boston is wonderful but pricey hotels. So much great stuff to see. It's right up there with D.C. for me.

Miami/Florida Keys was also great but it's a big city. The beaches are great, the Everglades awesome (rode on one of those airboats and saw lots of gators.

Airfare this summer is gonna nurt no matter where you go. Can't wait to see where you go.

Jana said...

I just now got around to reading this cause the 4 parts title scared me off. Come to find out it only had 3 parts this whole time!
I love Kris Allen. And can't you go pretty much anywhere in the world for 3 grand?