Monday, March 8, 2010

Fascinating-type info and a few personal opinions

The last seven days have been week.
But I'm gonna make up for it today with a strong post full of fascinating-type information and a few personal opinions.

First, Tony's B-day was not last Saturday, but the Saturday before. Feb. 27th, to be precise.
But it's never too late to post a birthday-boy picture, true?

He had the best birthday he's had all year! Believe you me. It was special.

Now, about American Idol. I've had much to say about this season, but I've been entirely too lazy to put it into sensical words and phrases. So I'll just say that, so far, this season is turning out to be a huge snooze fest, and also, I love Mullet kid.

I vote for him as many times as I like B4 voting closes...

(turns out, his name is Alex)

I love a good underdog/comeback story, but I voted for... Alex... even after he gave that mediocre performance during the top-12 round. Now I can claim that I knew he was something special all along, and that I didn't just vote for him on account of his awesome mullet.
He's totally the dark horse*, you gize.

(*opinion subject to change)

Last week, I snagged this picture of Dirty Teeth during the show, when one of her dreads caught my attention:

I found this humorous, as I imagined that lock had its own mind and it wanted to wander off and check out the stage, look around, sniff the air, etc. Just wondering if anyone was thinking the same thing.

Now, switch topics. Here's an article written for Newsweek in 1995, regarding all that "Internet hype."

"You mean to suggest that some day people will buy and sell books and magazines over the Internet without the aid of real salespeople? Charight," says old guy with no imagination.

Fifteen years later, and we're far beyond buying and selling old-school glue-and-paper-type books over the Internet:

K, last but certainly not least... Can you do me a favor real quick?
Oh, pretty please with a cherry on top! (Ahem.)
Do you remember Patchy, who brought all those pirates to our friendly HG cake decorating contest a while back?

Well, she just started a "Nicole Johnson Offroad" Facebook page, and she needs to collect a plethora of "fans" ASAP. Let's face it, we're already fans, 'tis time to make it official!

So if all one hundred of you both of you would kindly take two seconds of your time, click HERE, and become a fan of Patchy, I'd be much obliged.


ManicMandee said...

I wish you would just take over my blog. It is either too much emotional diarrhea, or it's bland like the Fiber One Cereal that causes said diarrhea.

Love love looove your blog posts.

Annie said...

I just have a few questions if you don't mind?

1. What are all those electronic devices you store above your T.V.? For real.
2. What exactly was it that made Tony's B-Day so "special"? Huh...huh?
3.Can you start doing a weekly post on your photshop skills? I want to learn so bad...
4.Nicole Johnson??? That's your friend from H.S. right?
5. How do you do that cool striking out the text thingy.

Markie23 said...

The rogue dreadlock is the most talented and interesting character on this years American Idol.

Patchy and I are now BFFs.

Carol said...

Welcome back Jespy. I've missed you. Happy to see you put your books down for a few minutes to blog for us. Happy Birthday to Tony!!

eekareek said...

I immediately loved Mullet as well. Don't believe me?? Check Landee's blog where I made it known for the world to see.
If I were Dirty teeth's stylist, I would have just cut off that dread. It was wayward, anyways.
I told Tony Happy Birthday on FB but I have no idea if he even goes on FB so I will say it again here. Happy Birthday, Tony.
My BIL is buying an iPad at the end of the month when they come out. He is getting the Max-iPad too. I am planning on playing with it since I will never ever ever in my entire life ever be able to afford one.

Landee said...

Happy Birthday to TonLoc.

AI is a snoozer but why dwell on that? We can't always have Tati and Kris in the same year. I need to stop waiting for you to watch it with me cuz voting is always closed by the time we finish. Why must you be in the Pacific Time Zone??

I refuse to be a fan of PatchyPatcherson. She single-handedly took away my attainable dream of winning the SRBC cake contest. She's basically dead to me.

Emily said...

Oh Jenny! You never disappoint!

Anna already asked a lot of my burning questions, so I'll patiently wait for you to answer...

Jenny ESP said...

1. Those are broken TiVos and broken VHS/DVD combos.
2. I think you know.
3. A weekly commitment? I would fail by week two.
4. She was Amy's bestie from HS when we lived in Camarillo. I am significantly younger, although clearly she's hawter.
5. Alls you do is this:
< strike > what you wanna strike out < / strike >
^^But without the spaces.

Hot Pants said...

Landee doesn't know what she's getting into by refusing to be a fan. PIRATES Landee, PIRATES!

Memzy said...

Its like we've been living in the dark ages or something!!

Happy birthday Anfernee!! If THAT is what you got then ard lucky. Jenny really knows how to "give it". A good tapper...nudger..if you will.

^too many innuendos?

Katie said...

That wayward dreadlock pic is AMAZING. I don't think she missed last Tuesday's taping because she was sick. I think it's because she looked the production crew in the eye, and they turned to stone.

Carr Family said...

I haven't watched idol in years, so thank you for keeping me updated on the highlights. You're post is much more enjoyable than the actual show!

Kimi Positive said...

I get it. 7 days = a week

I was worried you weren't typing at your normal genius level there for a minute until I got the joke.

I really want to take a photoshop class from YOU. It's the only way I'd be able to learn.