Friday, February 19, 2010

The Cover, and other scalding hot topics

It's baby blue.

So, this is the cover of the third Hunger Games book, if you haven't seen it. What do you think? Myself? I saw it more as a deep blue, or perhaps silver, a color that would compliment the other books. Ah well. Minor details. The title is interesting, no? No book description available yet. No super secret sneak preview of chapter 2, either.

Next... you know that awesome show Glee that we're all obsessed with? Fox is holding an open online casting call (see HERE) so they can add random people to the cast who aren't Rachel, Finn, Quinn, Kurt, or Mr. Shue. What do you think about that? I am not recommending that any of you audition or anything (said gently), but still check out that link. The original casts' casting calls are on there. I sure do like that Mr. Shue. Sigh.

New season of Glee starts April 13th. I am planning to decorate a Glee-themed cake in celebration, so... should we make it a contest? Whattya say? Consultation prizes to all the losers and everything. Thank about it.

In international movie news... I took the kids to see the Lightening Thief last Monday. I didn't get a chance to read it (despite a few recommendations) before I saw the movie. I have mixed feelings about the movie. It had entertainment value, but the storyline felt rushed and understated.

The oddest part for me was Percy's super nonchalant reaction to something major that happened (without giving anything away--you'll know when you see it). The sword fight scenes in camp looked like they were choreographic by the non-Emmy nominated choreographer of Xena Warrior Princess.

(Keep in mind, this pic is pre-facebook. Xena's duckface was cutting edge.)

The actress who played Annabeth reminded me of Lucy Lawless too, actingly speaking. (Wasn't crazy about her, liked most of the other actors tho.) Certain parts of the movie had a made-for-TV vibe. Plastic weapons, pleather shin-guards.

Despite all that, I saw the book's potential in the movie. (Cord said it way different, too.) So I'm reading it now, about halfway through, and can confirm that it is leaps and bounds better than the movie.

Now, American Idol.

The top 24 contestants have been chosen. You can get a fairly spot on run-down of the top 12 boys HERE, and the top 12 girls HERE. The following are my top picks, all subject to change if they make one wrong move.

Fave Boys:

SexyFace (aka Casey)
Casey James

Based 70% on looks, and 30% on style.

Garcia (aka Andrew)
Andrew Garcia

Based 100% not on his neck tattoo.

Tod&Rick (aka Todrick)
Todrick Hall

Based 50% on sense of humor, 50% on voice.

Eric (aka John?)
John Park

Based 70% on a hunch, and 30% recognizing him from Twilight.

Dickens (aka Aaron)
Aaron Kelly

Based 50% on his Charles Dickens-sob story, 50% on David Archy Deja vu.


Dirty Teeth (aka Crystal)
Crystal Bowersox

Based 0% on her teeth, 0% on her unkempt dreads, and 100% on her singing style.

Didi (aka Didi)
Didi Benami

Based 100% on her singing with a guitar, with her eyes closed in rapture.

Bushy brows (Siobhan)
Siobhan Magnus

Based 25% on her eyebrows, 10% on these leg warmers she wore one time, 25% on the pained expression she makes when she hits a high note, 15% on her hybrid SUV name, and 25% on her voice.

What are your feelings? How much to do agree with me?


Landee said...

ARTIE CAN WALK!!!! Did you remember that he was that pizza guy on The Office that Michael held hostage cuz he wouldn't take his coupon?

Interesting audition vids. I needed more tho. Like, I wanted to hear Rachel sing On My Own, for example. Soooo excited for the premiere but no, I won't make a cake.

I just clicked on TodRicky's picture and it led me to his favorite quote..."Don't make someone your priority when to them you are only an option." Wow, sounds like someone recently got buuuuurned.

As for the HG cover. Gag. It better not be a hint as to the third book's quality. It has a long way to go to make up for the lack in book 2.

Hot Pants said...

I like the blue cover. It goes with Howie's eyes.
I know the part of the movie you are talking about, and my kids are still mimicking it.
I love dirty teeth girl and sexy guy. They are the only two I will be voting for. (Unless I start to like someone else)

Landee said...

Oh, and The Lightening Thief movie changed all kinds of stuff. So annoying. JBird and I kept looking at each other like WHA? Rick Riordan was probably rolling over in his grave. The kid is cute tho.

Carol said...

Dear Jespy,
I can't wait for the third book to come out--and I love the cover. Blue is my color. And thanks to you and Landee for the AI info. I LOVE reading your take on these people and will now faithfully watch the show.

Jami said...

Have to say this year i don't have any real early favs in AI. I know that is going to throw off world balance b/c I generally pick the winner off the first audition (and when I say generally I mean I had a crush on David Cook from day one). I do like alzheimers (sp?) granddaughter, and girl whos parents are splitting. As for the boys big Mike is endearing. So is stuck in the 60's boy. I am a fan of neck tatoo as well--I think he will go far.

angela said...

What is a "duckface"?

"The sword fight scenes in camp looked like they were choreographic by the non-Emmy nominated choreographer of Xena Warrior Princess."

Funny you should say that because I looked who that was and he was apart of award winning Stunt Team for Casino Royale and The
Bourne Ultimatum. I'd take that over an Emmy any day. :)

ManicMandee said...

Don't really like the book cover. I really like books in a series to coordinate fashionably.

Liked how you let us know not to audition for Glee (gently). You should though for the fun of it.

Loved how you stated percentages of why you like the AI contestants. Perfect.

Memzy said...

It's like you are my soul mate. ::making two finger motion between my eyes and yours::

can't. Wait! For. Glee!!

Dying! For. HG. Book!!!

Now you've pained me. Brb.

Katie said...

Idol: I like EricJohn too. Also, I have a sneaking suspicion he is the one who's been leaving cryptic Asian comments on your blog.

ShelBailey said...

We haven't been to see Percy Jackson yet, Meg LOVED the books and her friends have said that the movie is nothing like. We asked her friend Tenny if the movie would be good if you hadn't read the book, but she said "not really". So that's the endorsement of a ten year old.

mesplin said...

Okay with the cover...way excited for the 3rd book.

Watched the first season of Glee, as you suggested and loved it :) Not sure about cake decorating...if I can come up with a groovy idea - maybe.

Haven't read the book Lightening Thief or seen the movie.

You got it right on with your Idol picks - thinking Garcia, tat on neck and all is pretty awesome.

Jana said...

Oh my gosh you are so hilarious it kills me!! 30% recognizing him from Twilight- LOLLERZZZ

Emily said...

Thanks for the AI contestant rundown. You just saved me almost two hours of TV time.

Krissy said...

i loved neck tatoos rendition of "straight up". Kind of glad Paula wasnt there for it, i don't think I could have handled the emotional drama it would have caused.

glee and book much to look forward to!

Markie23 said...

Don't like the cover of Mockingjay AT ALL. I think whoever made that decision should be attacked by trackerjackers.