Wednesday, January 6, 2010


^^to be read in a sing-song voice.

So, you know that one Smart Remarks Book Club Blog that looks like a homeless person designed it? Well, the other day Landee suggested I redo the header. Like, take a new picture of that shelf in my office, but this time dust it off first, and remove the highlighters and wrappers and other debris, and then arrange all of the book club books we've read so far on the shelf.
^^whole paragraph to be sung. (tune of your choice)

I was on board right away, because it's an adorable idea, only problem, I was missing 9 out of 17 (yes, can you believe 17 books already!!!) of our books, due to my rich-person Kindle, which allows me to download digi-books instantly at the touch of a wand. Plus my neighbor had two of them. So, Landee goes, no prob, I'll take a pic of whatever books I have and you can photoshop them in.
^^sing all that too.

Sounds simple, eh? Maybe. But we practically spent an entire day coordinating photo shoots, discussing shadows and real light verses flash, and matching angles, and emailing pics back and forth, etc. Yeah, we took the whole thing vry srs.
^^sing it.

So, here we go from totally geek...

(old header, ya know)

To totally chic...

Like you fell into a rabbit hole and came out in heaven, eh?

Lots of those books weren't even on the shelf when I took the pic. Magical, ain't it? I can only take credit for arranging the pic, photo shopping in some of the books, adding a few shadows, adding those whimsical waves, and building the entire shelf (plus wainscoting) with my own two hands. Landee added more books and then actually made it look good. It was practically ugly when I email it to her. It had this weird vomit-like hue due to my lighting issues. She fixed the color, added some doilies of some sort, and picked the most perfect fonts (she's a master with fonts).

Only problem is, we're missing one of our books.<--singsong it. Neither of us had a hard copy. See if you can discover which one is missing. Winner gets everybody's favorite prize-->bragging rights.

Anyway, go see how fancy the SRBC blog looks now. We painted the walls in there too. I had hoped it would dry a shade lighter, but what are ya gonna do?


Memzy said...

Forest of Hands and Teeth!!!!!

Bragging Rights

^^said in sing songy voice to the tune of "I'm so pretty"

And I have it if you'd like me to take a pic and add it in.

Flem said...

I tried to see it last night but it was too slow loading. I have FHT in hardback if anyone wants it.

Markie23 said...

The new pic is nice, but that baby diarrhea colored background is... eh.

As long as you were photoshopping, you should have put some smarter looking books on the shelf, like War and Peace, Anna Kareninia, A Tale of Two Cities, and of course The Grand Sophie.

eekareek said...

Dang it!!! I knew it was Forest of Hands and Teeth. Why is it not up there? I thought you had the book.

Cristin said...

DANG YOU MEMZY! Cheater....I would have figured it out some time today.

michelle said...

Looks Fabulous! Nice work ladies.

Carol said...

Very imporessive. Very impressive. Both the selection of books AND the photo shop success. Can you do that with a picture of me and make me a little slimmer, with really cute hair, longer eyelashes and fuller lips. You can do it, I know you can.

Jana said...

Hot dang! That is some serious mad skillz with the Photoshop. I love it.

Landee said...

Memzy called it "froofy" earlier. That can't be a compliment, can it?

I agree with Markie a little on the background color but it is SLIM PICKINZ on the colors, you gize!! It's hard doing complete renovations on a budget. We had to just choose from what was available in the off-tint bin.

I, for one, think we look like a legitimate book club now. We may need to be more "selective" on our book choices from now on.

Jenny ESP said...

Memzy, you're so clever! More cleverer than anybody else!

Flem, no thanks.

Markie, like Landee said, slim pickins on the colors. We tried. They all look similar to cat-vomit. I was going to add GS to the shelf, but I couldn't find it, and then realized my mom has it. And if we put a bunch of hoity toity lit on our shelf, then the line at the bottom would lose all its irony. Not worth it.

Eeek, like I said, I have it in digital form on my kindle, no hard copy. I even searched for a picture of the spine online with no luck. Take a pic, email it.

Cristin, we know, smarty pants.

Mich, thanks!

AV, I sure can, but what are you going to do with it? <--out of curiosity

Jana, thanks!

Landee, skin it. Also, I thought we were selective? Books must include a vampire, or a teen romance, or seabane, or Peeta, or Uncle Jeb, or a one-handed thief, or ugly people, or hraka, or super powers, or potatoes, or angels, or diplomats, or grammatical errors, or teeth. Those are some srsly stiff requirements.

Hot Pants said...

"you should have put some smarter looking books on the shelf" Hilarious. The hoity toitiness does make us look pretty smart though.

Emily said...

Impressive photo editing!!

ManicMandee said...

I had just looked at SRBC page before this and was thinking how awesome that header looked. GREAT JOB!!!!