Tuesday, January 12, 2010


You know those coveted personalized license plates Memzy inherited from her parents because they like her the best out of all their kids? Well, it made me realized that my kids are gonna be fighting like crazy in a couple years over this baby:

That's Tony's personalized license plate from when he was in high school. Yeah, he drove around in public with that attached to his Pontiac Fiero. How he managed to not get his A kicked, I do not know.

In fact, to hear him tell it, he got all kinds of chicks with those plates. Phone numbers n junk on his windshield. Notes like, "Hey there, LDS GUY. I'm LDS GAL... "

Gross, huh?

Thing is, Tony was so adorable, he didn't need any clever gimmicks to get a desperate, nerdy LDS chick's phone numbers. See:

Tony circa LDS GUY^^

Zach Morris's twin, practically!

Anyway, we have two of these priceless license plates to pass down to our boys...

...but we have three future "LDS GUYS".

Talk about potential firestorm. So here's the deal. I figured out a way to keep this fair, as well as add a little incentive for our boys to choose certain career paths. I'm putting this in writing right here on the Internet, which is the same as writing it in outer space since it will never ever disintegrate in a landfill, so I can't take this back:

Whoever becomes a doctor first, gets dad's back license plate.
Whoever finds cure for cancer, gets his front license plate.
And whoever invents the first PRS (personal robot servant) gets my Gremlins lunch box:

...thermos included:

Good luck, boys. May the odds be ever in your favor.

PS. American Idol starts tonight. Eeek.

*The other Katie came up with the title for this post.


Katie said...

I am glad to know that i am the original Katie. Its good news being that I have been absent, but I had an inkling that I might be missing something, and missing something is what I was!
Now I think it is a bit presumptuous to think that all three of your boys are going to grow up to be lds boys. I think this will work itself out.
P.S. I was at the DMV like two days ago trying to come up with a great personalized license plate for Tom, since the task was assigned to me, and that one was taken. I thought to myself, who could the lucky guy be... I should have known.

Carr Family said...

That Gremlins lunch box is amazing.... my mom found my brother's old He-Man lunch box and gave it to my son Cameron. I realized where they got the inspiration for the Ambiguously Gay Duo cartoon, the lunch box has somehow disappeared:)

Memzy said...

Genius. Really. I can't wait to see who gets what.

eekareek said...

Let's change Tony's name to Preppy.

Emily said...

That. Is. Priceless.

Flem said...

Sorry but I bet Tony did get some comments on his car looking like that. What a jacket!

In California, as Aunt Visor let us know, it is illegal to take the plates off because the plates belong to the car. In Utah the plates belong to the individual so which is it Idaho? Are these illegally obtained?

Hot Pants said...

It's legal Flem. They tell you to make sure you take your plates.
I remember wanting to kick Tony's A with that plate. Our bish in California had a plate that said LDS DOC. I bet his kids are all estranged over that one.

Crysty said...

I LOVE it!! ALLLL of it! And I think I can even see my husband in the background of that photo...all blurry-like, but still cute!

Krissy said...

Does tony still have that sweater cuz if he does that might cause some fights as well. Three boys and only one coat of many colors...you're gonna have to come up with another contest for that.

Markie23 said...

Who would ever have known he was LDS without those plates?
Cuz no one would have guessed it just from his polite manners, missionary haircut, Donny Osmond jacket, white pants, matching belt, Pontiac Fiero, desire to be a pharmacist, and the fact that he lived in IDAHO alone.

Erin Beck said...
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Erin Beck said...

Anthony looks dope. Good luck and May the schwartzs be with you boys!

Jana said...

Lollerz at this post and lollerz at Markie ^^^.

Katie said...

MINVIUS? Yes, I am!

But what happens if one of the boys invents a PRS that then discovers the cure for cancer?

I guess if it came to that, you always could convert that sweet picture into the ultimate LDS guy thermos.

Jenny ESP said...

TomKat--bite your tongue. I'm not being presumptuous in the least, and you're gonna jinx everything!!

Sarah--He-Man is indecent. Who approved his naked torso and thighs for children's programing?


Eek--He's like a blond Tom Cruise.

Emily--Not even gonna try to put a price on it. Impossible.

Flem--I'm pretty sure those plates are legal, although they shouldn't be. If I was a cop, I'd arrest Tony for committing a srs fashion crime tho.

HP--You really think you can take Tony? He's got pills in his arsenal!

Crysty--surprisingly, Ammon is not in that picture. It's like the only picture he's not in. Just some dudes I don't recognize and Shane, so I cropped and blurred them out. I would never crop or blur out Ammon. Just Shane.

Krissy--It went in the garbage the second we got back from our honeymoon, along with all his crazy-patterned silk shirts. I was just waiting for my wifely authority to kick in.

Markie--it was like a CTR ring for his car, tho.

Erin--yeah, he was pretty fly.

Jana--and then lollerz at my response to Markie's comment, right?

KatieToo--If that happens, I'll simply offer to cut the plate in half, and it will be clear who is more deserving of it, after the more worthy son stays my hand and gives up the plate to his brother.

Landee said...

This is the best post ever. Too bad I "missed it."

I so would have put a note on Tony's car had I seen it busting around Boise. I can't be sure what the note would have said, but a note would have been left, believachoome.

PS There was a guy in our ward at BYU (pre-missionary) with the license plate OBGYN2B. Yeeeeah.