Saturday, January 2, 2010


It's 10. Happy New Year!

This video is in the wrong decade. It's not old enough to be retro, just awkwardly outdated.

We had a great Christmas this year. Loved spending Christmas with my SIL, and we had a fun Christmas eve--Tony had his sister, and I had mine (Erin), and we had an awesome battle-of-the-siblings trivia game. I only took one lame picture (stuck someone in that video montage) and no group picture.

Anyway, I never got around to blogging this past week, and it all feels like old news now, so I'm just gonna leave it at that. As you can see, I got the three books I'd asked for for Christmas. So I started flipping through them a little, only intending to reminisce a little, and I ended up reading all three books over the weekend. I love them. If you haven't read them yet, I highly recommend you do. By Megan Whelan Turner. The first book might take a while to get into, but if you stick with it, the reward will be all the sweeter.

Speaking of sweet rewards, I finally met mi Internete' amigo, Flem. This is months and months (perhaps years?) in the making. Here's a badly angled picture as proof:

She is way cool, a virtual fountain of riveting-type information and conversation. Her Steve is super nice, and her kids are freakishly cute and funny. I highly recommend you become her Internet amigo (if she isn't already) and fandango a visit with her.


ManicMandee said...

So no bookshelf you could sit in to read. Bummer. But congrats on all the rest! Glad it all went down well. Merry Christmas and New Year!

michelle said...

It was a really nice Christmas! Thanks for letting me share it with you:)

Jana said...

What the Dominion! We just learned that one- way fun. I think you will enjoy it.
Would you say you enjoyed meeting your internet friend Flem greater than or equal to meeting your internet friend- me. She seems ok.

Memzy said...

Truly,...that girl is poison.

Lurve the snow bunny ear cover.

Flem is awes. The end.

Jana said...

I just want to say that I also think Flem is aws. I'm just a jealous internet friend.

Jenny ESP said...

Jana--I could never pick a favorite Internet friend. I will always remember our booth at Carl's Jr. Flem did have a sleep over tho, and we almost went TPing. Still, no faves. And you must be a massive nerd, if you enjoy Dominion as much as we do. Imma go Smithy on your hinie!

Emily said...

Glad you had a good Christmas!

Flem said...

I love the pacing of your slide show!

And I don't mind being your second favorite internet friend my circle is wide and broad.

Emphasis on broad.

Markie23 said...

OH EM GEE, I Love Flem's Shirt... No Hraka! I actually used to be a big Flem fan. I even dedicated a blog post to her and her pervy friend. But her constant visits to Utah w/o so much as a "¿hola, que tal?" have cooled me off a bit.
I was actually in Santa Barbara about 9 days ago, but I didn't have the satisfaction of snubbing back as she was prolly hangin' out with you at that time.
Looks like you had a great Christmas. Who recommended those books to you again? You're welcome!

Jana said...

Oh you have no idea the massiveness of my nerdiness. If only you saw all our games. It is mostly the hubster but he has been converting me all these years. Don't make me bust out all my duchys!

Jenny ESP said...

Tis true, Markie gets full credit for introducing those those books to me, even tho he hated them. (???)

Dear Jana,
Would you do me the honor of being milady at this year's Nampa Renaissance Faire? Eric can wear his Smithy garb.
Hepsa, the bar wench

Stephen said...

Thanks for having us, Jenny, we had a great time. Sorry if I was a little out of it, Casey had whacked me over the head earlier that day. Thank Anthony for all the pharmaceutical info; if I every need to knock over a pharmacy, I now know what to steal. Any time you want to talk history or cub scouts (my current calling) let me know.

Sorry Markie, we'll try to remedy that.

Jana said...

Woah now, that's taking a little too far.

Jana said...

taking "it"

Landee said...

::pointing and saying all singsongy::


Loved the video. That song is classic. Almost like Pachabel's Cannon.

The Queen's Thief Series in paperback? What the? That's gonna be awkward on that book cave I ordered for you (they were back ordered-- it'll get there sometime mid-May).