Monday, December 14, 2009

You feeling it yet?

Christmas is about two three things.

#1. Baby Jesus

#2. Hershey's Kisses, studded with tiny bits of candy cane, Mmmm

#3. And snow

I feel like I'm forgetting something. Anyway, the problem with living in the brown dirty desert, is that we don't get any snow, unless reverse global warming occurs, and that's not going to happen this year. (It's 55 degrees today, with clear blue skies.)

BUT, did you know that if you drive a mere 20 minutes from my front door, you can get your pearl-toned '02 Suzuki XL7 stuck in a bank of snow, and have to be towed out by a giant snow shoveler-type truck?

Yes, 20 minutes. Real snow!

I'm talking about the majestic Mt. Charleston:

(Matterhorn pictured, but very similar looking.)

I don't go up to Mt. Charleston often if I can help it, cuz it's freakishly cold up there, but if I'm going to go up there, it's gonna be in December, on account of snow equaling Christmas spirit.

Last weekend, my sister and BIL (Erin & Scott) reserved a 4-person cabin up at Mt Charleston for themselves and my nieces (Maddie, and France), but Scott ended up having to work at the last minute, so Erin was kind enough to let my other niece (Emma) and me (Jenny) and my 3 kids (Cord, Gus, and Homer) all squeeze in his place. You do the math.

(I came up with 8 people in a 4 person cabin. Is that what you got?)

Well, the cabin was adorable, despite the broken fireplace and the spiders in the bathroom, and the lodge had a cozy restaurant with a big working fireplace right in the center, so for those reasons I must insist that you add "Get a cabin in December at Mt. Charleston" to your Bucket List, yo. Right after, "Stand in some quicksand."

We went sledding in an insufficient amount of outerwear, ate at that cozy restaurant, watched movies, DRANK! hot chocolate, and played games. It was fun and Christmasy and I feel a tiny bit guilty for mooching off of Erin & Scott, but I swear I'll return the favor some day.

Bummer thing is, I was worried about taking my phone (aka camera) out in the snow so I only got one picture and it's random and blurry, dangit:

You feeling the Christmas spirit yet?


ManicMandee said...

Seems like Erin talked on Facebook like this was a bad weekend. Not so???

20 Minutes is great. I kinda wish it were 20 minutes to snow where we are too. But it does look like Christmas from my window. Like a split second away.

Erin Beck said...

It wasn't bad, it was quite festive, just needed to re-coup from lack of sleep do to the thought of spiders and cold, and digging my car out of the snow for an hour the ext morning while jenny got pulled out by a not so sympathetic man to pregnant women. I will definitely be doing it again next Christmas though

eekareek said...

I'm feeling it.

Hot Pants said...

Are you feeling in now Mr Crabs?

Emily said...

Brrr. Sounds like lots of fun though.

How did I not know about those Hershey's kisses? I might have to make a late night run to the store!

Memzy said...

This post only reminds me of one thing: this christmassy time is really harshing my blog time. I heart seeing your new posts and other's too. But I only feel out of it that I haven't been posting.

Yup. Christmas is all about:

#4: me

Memzy said...


Mary said...

Glad you got to indulge in a bit of Christmas spirit and especially grateful that you made it there and back safely despite the deep snow.

Landee said...

That picture of Homer captures the whole weekend. You shoulda just posted that. 1000 words right there.

Flem said...

Uh, did I miss something? What does this mean--> "while jenny got pulled out by a not so sympathetic man to pregnant women" ??