Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Annual Unattainable Christmas List

Last time I made an unattainable Christmas list, I ended up attaining pretty much everything on my list, so we're gonna try this again. It wasn't easy coming up with this stuff, as I already have every material possession known to man, including a Kindle, but here we go. A-hem.

#1. This bookcase with a built in cave that you can sit in.

^^OMG, I want to be her!!

#2. This magical upside-down bookshelf:

^^Look at those books just hanging there. This defies gravity and logic which is why I must have one.

#3. Good, sturdy socks without holes in them (except for the two holes at the top. bah-dum chick):

^^Are these man socks? I want the girl version. And in white.

#4. A staple gun:
^^If I had a dime for every time I've said, "If only I had a staple gun..." I'd be a multimillionaire. Why can't I get paid for making repetitive statements?!

#5. These three books:

^^This series is one of my all-time faves, and can you believe I borrowed them from the library? For shame. I need to own them. And read them in my bookcase-cave.

Plus, the fourth book comes out in April of 2010, so I need to reread them to prepare.


#6. Um, more Diet Coke?

K, I'm grasping at straws here. Like I said, I have pretty much everything I could ever want except for that bookcase cave.

What's on your gizes unattainable Christmas list this year?


Cristin said...

well I was totally happy with everything I have until you showed me the built in cave...sigh....if only....

Cristin said...

oh and world peace...or something like that. Chocolate would be good too.

Landee said...

You spent a goodly amount of time photoshopping that last pic. Why, pray tell, did you keep the silver shoes? Ah, all those things sound amaaaaaaaayzing. I don't know if the cave bookcase would go with your decor though. I mean, I've never seen one at Kirkland's.

Memzy said...

Your photoshop skillz amaze me.

I'm pretty sure that upside down bookcase is just a picture flipped upside down.

Bookcase cave!! Bookcase cave!!!!!!!!!!1

Emily said...

I was just thinking about staple guns today. I could do endless things with one. I am now adding it to my hopeful attainable list. How expensive could they be?

I would also love a house that we know we can stay in permenently. This hanging in limbo is super lame!

Oh, and a Chia Obama.

ManicMandee said...

Where do you find this stuff? It's obvious reading is your passion because most of those were reading related. And your last shopped photo was delightful.

I've got a mental note here of your wish-list just in case I strike it rich one day.

Krissy said...

I am going to start sending my Christmas list to your Santa Claus if you wake up with a book cave on Christmas morning.

Hot Pants said...

I asked Dwight if he thought he could make that bookcase for you. He doesn't think that he can. I bet you'll get the book series though, and the staple gun cuz they're cheap.

Carol said...

Jespy, Maybe one of your sisters could make you a snuggly to match the bookcase cave. I can't believe it wasn't on your list.

Carr Family said...

I think it may be possible to achieve upside-down books, if only you had that staple gun.
My unattainable wish this year would be for Glee to not take a break until April... so lame Fox.

Mary said...

Dang, I already got your gift and it's even in the mail. Not a bookcase cave, though. Sorry.

Shel said...

Just about everything on my list this year is unattainable, the economy and all. But, none of them are as cool as the cave.

Have a great holiday! Maybe we should swing through Vegas on our way home from Phx this year. You gize gonna be there?