Monday, November 30, 2009

Wrapping up November

I've had so much to share this past week, but my biggest piece of news is that I felt soooo lazy that I couldn't even bring myself to blog, so I was totally in a catch 22.

On Monday, November 23rd, Tony and I had our 13th anniversary.
If you remember...
We forgot our 10th anniversary.
For our 11th anniversary, we gifted ourselves that fancy faux electric fireplace.
For our 12th anniversary, we gifted ourselves that fancy plasticy phone.
And for lucky number 13...
We gave each other a high five, and then congratulated each other on our cleverness for marring each other. We srsly deserve some honorary degree from some prestigious university or something.

Cord found out a last week that he got a part in his drama club's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. He's playing Nick Bottom, the dude who ends up with a donkey head halfway through the play, which is the exact role he wanted, on account of the donkey head.

Lastly, I may be the last to know, but have you heard about THIS? Whoa.


Hot Pants said...

I need to quick email Steph about my cast ideas!!!!!! That guy from 90210 for sure should be in it.
Happy Anniversary!

Cristin said...

Happy Anniversary ::giving you a high five::

YAY Cord! Donkeys rock!

And yeah, I totally knew it...only because my mom told me... But YAY!! I can imagine the movie being really know compared to the book.

Jana said...

Awesome! Who wouldn't want to play a donkey!
Happy Anniversh. I've never met Anthony, but I do know he's a flippin' genius for marrying someone so dang awesome. DRAINK.

Krissy said...

Congrats to you and Anthony on your smartness and congrats to Cord on getting the donkey part!

Carol said...

Happy Anniversary!! And Memzy's boys love your house--love it!

Landee said...

I can tell you have a fantastic marriage because your anniversary isn't such a big deal. The ones that go all out, get a brazillion flowers, buy expensive jewelry, etc are the ones who are jerks all year and then try to make up for it on that one day.

Also, I'm unsure how I feel about The Host becoming a movie. I mean, maybe without all the long and lame descriptions of cacti it wasn't such a stupid book? I dunno. I hope they get Ian Zering for the part of Ian tho. It just makes sense.

eekareek said...

^^^Morgan and I make a big deal out of our anniversaries. ::crickets chirping::

So excited about Cordy's play.

Mary said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm so glad that you both chose so well.

Tell Cordy his grandma is so very proud of him and am hoping that I can recover quickly enough to make it to his opening night.

Emily said...

Happy Anny!

ManicMandee said...

I am the last to know about that movie now. I'd totally go to it too.

Cord's gonna be awesome in that play! See if you can get video footage of that!

Happy Anniversary.You two are perfect for each other!

Flem said...

Landee once got a nice gift for her anniversary.

And I hope my husband doesn't read this because he is going to forever quote landee on that one.

Congrats Jespy on being so clever and for having a son who is willing to play the role of a donkay.