Friday, November 27, 2009

San Fran

Who would want to see New Moon opening night at their local movie theater, when they could fly all the way to San Francisco and see it three times with a bunch of nerds?
That'd be waaaaay too convenient.

^^Check out my one-of-a-kind, handmade Renesme shirt. Staying ahead of the trends n stuff.

Here we are at our first showing of New Moon.

^^I must have snapped this shot right when Edward revealed his Mr.-Burns-like chest. (GSN) We were utterly confused.

Day two, I got lots of public transportation pics:



And check it out, this was our first time meeting Stands IRL, and already her and Sara were standing back to back.

Memzy was our professional photog:

Katie, alone:

Katie, socializing with other people:

^^Notice the body language. Knees turned out, hands curled into hooves.

Anyway, I don't have any pictures of our first day in San Fran, cuz it was pouring rain. We ended up seeing New Moon again, on account of Jacob's abs the rain.

Later that night, we decided to ride the trolley. Some of us bought scalped tickets from this homeless dude named One-Tooth Willie.

^^Memz and Landee are wearing the exact same expressions.

One-Tooth told us all kinds of outlandish stories (see Stands's face):

And then Katie and Landee started flirting with him shamelessly:

^^Later, they reaped what they sowed, if you know what I mean. And what I mean is, One-Tooth-Willie later told us he had an "inappropriate" dream about "The Girl in the Green Coat" and "The Jersey Girl".

My new MySpace profile pic:

The trolley broke down, so we were granted a quick photo opp. before jumping on the rescue bus:

The next day was all sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows.

Here we are on our infamous double-decker bus tour:

^^Sara looks gorgeous here, no? Amy too! She looks like a Carmex model.

Our tour bus guide highly recommended going inside the Japanese Tea Garden sometime, but not today. Unless we wanted to walk back.

This next pic I took specifically for my mom:

^^lawn clock.

These next two pics are inappropriate, and made me giggle in a grade school kind-of way:

Here's a string of pictures that show San Fran's distinctive architexture (sp?), just to show that I appreciate fine culture too.

And finally, the house from Full House:

Yeeeahhh!! Uncle Jessie!!!

The rest of these pics are from Pier 39 on our last night, and quite self-explanatory.

^^I think this is when we decided to go see New Moon for the third time.

The End.

Thanks for the memories, girls.
I'm glad I had fun. Are you glad I had fun?


eekareek said...

I am glad you had fun. Ahhhhhh. I want to go on a vacation again. This time though, I don't sit on the back of the tour bus by myself. ::secretly loving that I sat by myself cuz now I can't keep complaining about that one time I had to sit by myself at the back of the bus::

Landee said...

Uh, that's no secret Eeka. No secret at all.

Holy cowza. These pics made me relive the trip all over again, then relive the deep depression I went into when I got home. Add to that the post-thanksgiving-let-down and I'm practically suicidal. <---that's a total compliment.

Amanda said...

I am super glad you had fun and I'm so glad you took all those pictures so I could live vicariously through you for a few minutes.

Carol said...

I give that post a "10"!!!! Perfect pictures to show what a great trip you had. I'm a little creeped out by one tooth Willie but have seen his kind many times near the trolley's in SF. Your Renesme shirt is awesome btw--very talented. Congrats on another TST(Twilight Series Trip.

Carol said...

My favorite pix is of all 7 on the trolley. Perfect!!

Hot Pants said...

My carmex picture was taken right as I was sticking a piece of mouth watering home-made caramel into my mouth. I had a secret stash that almost lasted the whole rip off bus tour.
I'm feeling depressed too, but I think I'm just having a blood sugar drop.

Mary said...

Great post! Thanks for the lawn clock picture...not quite as great as those in the German vineyards, but still memorable.

ManicMandee said...

I saw the nice Edward necklace you made-- proudly worn by Memz this weekend. Impressive!

And your Thanksgiving feast looked gorgeous.

Flem said...

Great pics--who took most of these? Did you get local riff raff? I hope you paid them.

Emily said...

Glad you all had fun! Looks like you packed just about all you could into that few days!

Memzy said...

I really think I've mastered the half open mouthed smile/creepy look. It suits me. It was my "uniform" for the weekend.

::huge sigh remembering the trip is over::

I'm hoping to post my pics tomorrow.