Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Linksville Kentucky

Guess what? I have some Links for you. Starting with (don't faint, Markie)...

...this precious hand-crocheted Link doll. Those wide-set eyes are enough to make my heart melt, not to mention the missing legs!

Revisit the fuzzy, world-weary Link HERE (see the lackadaisical angle HERE), and help me decide which one to bring home for Christmas, K?

Anywhos, have you tried Frosted Mini Wheats Little Bites yet?

Whoa! Frosted Mini Wheats are delish, but these little bites are freakishly good. Freak-ish-ly! They come in both chocolate and honey nut, but I can only recommend the honey nut, as I've yet to try to the chocolate.

Print your dollar-off coupon HERE. (on page 2, one per comp)
And get another one HERE. (click "next page" until you find it, two per comp)

They are on sale at Albertson's for $2.69, (with the coupon, only $1.69 each), and if you get three boxes, you'll get a coupon for a free gallon of milk at the register. Your taste buds will thank you for it.

Nextly, grab your TiVos remotes, because S. Meyer (who's been AWOL for the past year) announced on her blog that she is going to do ONE interview before New Moon comes out. Guess who's the lucky interviewer? Yep, it's Oprah.

How'd she land that exclusive interview? I can only assume that Oprah's producers, once again, called this more famouser person to arrange it. (Cuz Oprah needed an "in").

The interview airs this Friday (Nov 13th).

Moving on...

I stumbled upon this website (Item Not As Described) that examines real-life items for-sale on Craig's list.

If you're in the mood for a laugh (pishaw, who isn't?), I suggest you check out this ad for a wedding ring, and this ad for one o' them time-out dolls, and this one for a cardboard tube, and this one for a bucket o' beer bottle caps,(<--which has me kicking myself for not hanging onto my childhood bb cap collection). You gotta read all the words, tho. That's the funny part.

Last, but certainly not least, shout-out to all our US Veterans today (namely, Gus Morgan).

Hope you had a nice, relaxing Veteran's day!


Markie23 said...

I must have both of those Links, and will make it my mission tomorrow to find and purchase them. If they are one of a kinds I suggest you make up your mind and buy it before tomorrow.
Thanks for the coupons - love mini-wheats - never tried the mini-mini's.
Thanks for the Vietnam war memorial pic's. I had forgotten it was veterans day til I saw them.
I'll check out the Craig's list thing tomorrow after I buy me some widdle Links.

eekareek said...

Whoa, what?? S. Meyers has been awol?

Landee said...

"Hi, I’m selling a nightmare I had about two weeks ago. It involved a doll. Without a face. Want it? I’ll throw in other subconscious fears for the right price"

Oh my gosh. So funny. Thank you for this. I owe you. Wait, this was you paying me back for CakeWrecks. Now we're even.

Happy Vets Day! All those animals would be disease ridden with out them. Jaykay. Jaykay.

Memzy said...

“Mom can’t help you now, Timmy.”

::contented sigh::

The inernet is F.U.N.

PS. I am enjoying a box of Honey Nut mini wheats right at this very moment. It's like CANDY fhs. CANDY!!

Markie23 said...

My mission has lead to me to the conclusion that those Link dolls are not actually for sale... and it's KILLING me.

Mary said...

Frosted mini-wheats are my favorites! I'll have to give the tiny ones a try.

I'll let your dad know of your best wishes for Veteran's Day. He'll be pleased!

ManicMandee said...

You really are watching our backs! Thanks for all these great tips.

Jenny ESP said...

Markie--they're all sold out. The best you can do now is purchase a kit that shows you how to make a crochet Link doll, and then give the kit to Cheri.

Eek--yeah. She even says so on her blog.

Landee--no, I will always owe you a great debt.

Memzy--candy.<--Perfect word to describe it. Thank you.

Mary--those are my favorite too! The littles are even better.

MM--you're certainly welcome.

Emily said...

You never disapoint!!

StandsMom said...

I want those Links too!!!