Monday, November 16, 2009


Homer had his first trip to the dentist a few weeks ago. He loved it. So it's kind of lucky that he ended up with a cavity and got to go back for more fun.

Here's a cute/sad picture of him watching "Bee Movie" on the ceiling TV/inhaling nitrous oxide.

He had no idea what was about to happen, but the "laugh gas" distracted him from that ginormous needle and he was fine. He got slightly annoyed when the dentist blocked his view of the TV, but that was it.

So, he saw a substitute dentist because his dentist doesn't work on Fridays and I didn't want to wait too long to get him in--wanted to get it over with. The sub-dentist was this young, fresh-out-of-dental-school-type guy, real friendly and stuff, and oh-so-obviously LDS. He kept calling Homer "Arch" (as that was the name on the chart) and I was too lazy to correct him. But then the dentist would ask "Arch" to open his mouth or something and Homer wouldn't respond, so finally I had to tell the dentist that he goes by "Homer".
The dentist acted all confused and uncomfortable.
Him, "Why does he go by Homer?"
Me, "It's his middle name."
Him,"Is that a family name?"
Me, "No."
Him, "Oh, are you a fan of... um... isn't there a TV show... er..."
(^^second-guessing his question, cuz clearly he thinks it's offensive)
Me, "You mean the Simpsons?"
And he's like, "Ooh yeeah, Homer Simpson."
And I go, "Yeah, we like the Simpsons," because who cares.

It's weird when people think that question would offend me. As if I would name my kid Homer if I had something against The Simpsons.

Ironically, on the way out of the dentist's office, we saw a dad with a huge Homer Simpson tattoo on his leg, and Homer goes, "Ooo yeah!" like it was the coolest thing ever.

Who's the biggest fan, I wonder? The mom who named her kid Homer or the permanent tattoo guy?

^^confused that one side of his face is numb. He doesn't even have the vocab to describe what's wrong with his face.


Emily said...

I think Homer's name fits him perfectly...and not in a Homer Simpson sort of way. Isn't it great when our kids actually like the dentist?

eekareek said...


Who is the biggest fan? Me for saying "Doh", you for naming your child Homer, or the tattoo guy? I would say tattoo guy.

Landee said...

That dood with Homer S. tattooed on his leg is messed. up. I'm thinking about getting Homer E. on my leg. I'm a huge fan.

Markie23 said...

I'm a big fan of nitrous oxide.

ManicMandee said...

I love that happy gas stuff.

I honestly never thought of Homer Simpson when thinking about you naming your boy Homer. But truly, did you really see a guy with a real Homer Simpson tatoo? I am flabbergasted. Why did you not photo that?

Memzy said...

Poor poor babies who have to have cavities filled. Let's just say I made Shed take char char to his last appnt because of the trauma I/him/us had endured previously.

::running away askeered from this post::

Krissy said...

^Obviously Char Char did not get the nitrous oxide. When I was little I used to hope for cavities just so I could get that floaty gas stuff.

Carr Family said...

My son Cameron just had his first cavity filled a couple weeks ago. He came out and said that they didn't give him the laughing gas, but I knew they did and had to laugh when on the ride home he said, "mom, I can't feel my legs."

Carol said...

At first glance--I gasped, thinking Homer was on a surgery table and wondering what injury had he sustained. On second glance/reading I was amazed at how smart dentistry is now. Give them laughing gas--by all means. The more the better. He is an endearing child, to be sure. Gotta love that little boy. He's almost as cute as Carlitos.