Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Are you watching So You Think You Can Dance this season? Anyone else feel sorry for the trio of tap dancers? It was painful to watch them flail their little arms and legs across the stage last night. I was halfway closing my eyes, and trying not to notice every time they fell out of sync. Very uncomfortable. Tap doesn't translate to the small screen I think. It's one of those dance styles you have to see in an elementary school multipurpose room.

Yeah, those tappers might be in trouble.

I might be in trouble too. See, I decided it would be fun to make duck tape wallets with my cub scouts tomorrow. I bought a bunch of tape today, and made a couple practice wallets. Turns out, I'm brilliant with duct tape and exact-o knives.

These are 100% duct tape. Did you know it comes in all those colors? Even this purple plaid color, which I used to line this wallet, all professional-like:

I added little pockets for credit cards etc, cuz what if the eight year old who's going to use this has a credit card?

The checkered pattern is woven pieces of folded tape:

About halfway through my first wallet, I started to worry that duct tape might be too hard to handle for the 8-year-old's in my scout group. To test my theory, I did a dry run with Gus. He's exceptionally good with crafty-type projects, so I was expecting him to do all right.

Yeah, the duct tape kicked his butt.

I had to jump in and help before his wallet turned into a giant tape wad. So I guess that means I'll have 1 hour to make 12 duct tape wallets for 12 impatient boys tomorrow. Trouble, indeed.

Gus's finished wallet turned out pretty sweet...

...but it's non-functioning, as I had to cut off about an inch of bunched up tape on the ends.

Good thing he doesn't have any credit cards to not-fit in there.


Krissy said...

I am super impressed by your duct taping abilities. You are so crafty! Jason needs a new wallet and his bday is coming up, I am thinking a duct tape wallet might be the way to go...very chic!

Memzy said...

No. Way.

Brains JUST made a duct tape wallet off a YouTube video yesterday. We didn't have those fancy colors but he DID nail a cell phone cover that slides onto his belt. Made that one up. Clever boy.

Let me know how it goes. Can someone video for us? That's sound fun to watch.

Carol said...

Your talents shine yet again. Who'd a thunk--duct tape wallets. I bet if you were left to your own devices in the "arena" at the hunger games you could have done quite well. Where in the world did you get so many colors? And yes, the tap dancers were painful to watch. It promises to be another good season. I do have to hit mute when Mary screams. . . .it's too much.

Cristin said...

that is AWESOME! I want to make one but even more than that I want colorful duct tape!!!! How did I not know that it came in colors and patterns????

eekareek said...

WHAT THE CRAP?!?!?! How are you able to do this kind of stuff?!?! I can't even color inside the lines!!!

ShelBailey said...
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ShelBailey said...

Way to go, Jen. Very cool. You may be right about the eight year olds, though. I've heard duct tape somes in cool colors/patterns...never seen it in the store. Where did you find it?

My nephew learned to do these in Scouts when he was about 10/11 and made about $100/month selling them to people at school, etc, for about $10 each. He has a "regular" job now, so he doesn't make them anymore...Sam was always bummed that he didn't get one.

Markie23 said...

I'm blown away! And I neeeed me one of those wallets bad; but I'm pretty sure the duct tape would kick my butt too. I hope your saving them for future contest prizes.

Markie23 said...

I haven't seen the latest SYTYCD yet, but I have never been a fan of tap. I don't really think it has a place outside of a Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire movie.

Mary said...

I always knew you were talented, but this goes beyond talent! Hope the event went well. Maybe you can use some of those practice wallets for those who can't master the duct tape.

I guess I'm the only one who thought the tappers did a credible job last night. They definitely have some talented people this year. The most painful one for me to watch was the Fox Trot, cause that crumper looked so out of place trying to be a suave and debonair Fred Astair type.

Emily said...

Just for the record, I could totally give those tappers a run for their money. Right, Anna?

How is it that I never knew duct tape comes in any color other than gray. Very cool. I say you set up an Etsy shop and start selling them.

eekareek said...

Who commented after me and why did they delete it??

Annie said...

Emily is right^^^.
I didn't even know there were still tappers out there till SYTYCD brought it back.

Duct Tape wallets is a BRILLIANT idea. I wish you were my little Cubs leader.

Hot Pants said...

The only thing missing on those is a velcro strap. I would love to pull out a duck tape wallet when I went to pay for something. It would go really well with my fire proof purse I got in beautiful downtown Ensenada.

ManicMandee said...

I'm so impressed I'm speechless

Landee said...

My favorite part of SYTYCD is the beginning when Cat says their name and they do a little 8-count ditty.... the tappers have now made it my least favorite part. Aaaawkward! ::said all singsongy::

The "Italian Stallion"...hmph. Whatever. I will say, however, that they each did pretty well in the other styles. Am I the only one who hates Legacy? What is that dood's problem?

Awesome duct tape wallets. Imma see if the laurels want to do those. Make an instructional video, mkay?

Flem said...

I had a student who used to make them before they were popular. Before the days of colored duct tape.

Cool that you are so good at it, though, and that it has now become a mainstream activity that non-weird people do. Ahem.

Hope it went well.