Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Tear

When I picked up Cord from school the other day, he goes, "Guess what, mom, I almost got a citation for dress code violation today, but my teacher told me she'd let it slide this time."

I was like, "Huh?" because he was wearing his clean little white polo shirt (check) with his dark blue jeans (check). That's correct student attire.

And he goes, "No, no. She was gonna give me a citation for torn pants."

A tear in his brand new pants that he's only worn about three times?? I was just about to go "angry mom" on his hiney, when I noticed that he didn't have any noticeable tears in his jeans.

These are the jeans in question:

Can you see the tear? Of course not. Because it's invisible to the naked eye.

Here it is:

Yes, that little bit of fray on the bottom edge, on the back of his left pant leg.

How the H did she even spot that tiny bit of fray? Cord said it's because he had his foot up, resting on his knee when his teacher passed by to do her little inspection.

Fuming mad.

No way am I replacing every pair of pants that gets a tiny fray on the bottom.

Cord was like, "Don't worry, mom, I'll just keep my foot down next time she walks by." And I was like, "No, you put your foot up. I dare your teacher to give you a citation for that."

I've always wanted to go "angry mom" on one my kids's teachers' hineys. Things have been way too peaceful for the last 6 grades. And for the sake of irony, I'm gonna wear these jeans when I do it:


Memzy said...

It'll be especially powerful if you do it with dark black eyeliner on too. Can you video?

That would drive me bonkers btw. Let me know when to bring my eggs and we can hit the school.

ManicMandee said...

I would be all over that teacher. At least I would rant about her to my husband and fume and lose some sleep. I would have fantasies about giving it to her. Then I'd eventually let it go.
I know this because I just went through a cycle like that with Jonah's teacher this week. Long story, but the lady is a total jerk!

eekareek said...

I spotted that tear right away. In the first picture. If you don't believe me, just look in the margin of my book, The Forest of Hands and Teeth. I wrote in the margin, "there is a tear on the bottom/back part of Cord's left pant leg".

Markie23 said...

It starts with a little fray... Next thing you know it's total anarchy.

Amanda said...

You need to move. Things like that shouldn't happen at school. I know a good neighborhood.

Erin Beck said...

One word, whitetrash

Landee said...

Having a little bit of fray on the bottom edge, on the back of a left pant leg is the new gang sign for the Bloods. The whole blue/red thing got stale.

I would talk to Cord about his friends he chooses to hang around if I were you.

Markie23 said...

Look for the telltale signs of corruption. Is he using words like "swell", and "so's you're old man"?

Katie said...

I buy my pants with that fray. Paid extra for it as a matter of fact. I think this clenches it. You are going to have to move your angry hiney up to Idaho where you can wear tank tops and frayed pants.

Flem said...

Clark County Schools=no bueno.

The kinder teachers are nazi-esque about dress code and my daughter was harassed for khaki green instead of khaki tan. I sent her in those pants again on purpose even though she told me she couldn't wear them.

Then when they harassed her again I realized I was just trying to make a point so I gave in. But I was fuming mad and wanted an opportunity to go off.

So her husband could punch my husband out in a bar on Christmas Eve.