Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Why are there so many songs about rainbows? Let's count them.
1) Somewhere Over the Rainbow
2) Rainbow Connection


And why are there two songs about rainbows? Because of awesome pictures like this:

Yes, I spotted a tiny rainbow over Gus's school this morning and snapped a picture with my phone. It must have rained in them there mountains.

It looks more like spring in my backyard than fall. We haven't had any rain in the city, but we've had lots of hose water and drip systems. My un-manicured planter is in bloom like it has never been before.

And see how my ground-cover cascades?

When I planted that stuff, I pictured "Disneyland landscape." Getting there, no?

Here's a pic I took at the park the other day with Homer and his friend, which I enhanced to look more like fall:

What do you think? It was about 85 when I took it, but it could pass for 65 after photoshop.

Ah, photoshop-fall is in the air. Good enough!


Landee said...

Photoshopped fall is better than no fall at all. Everything else in Vegas is fake, why not the seasons? Can't wait to see you doctor up some winter pics.

ManicMandee said...

Good point about rainbow songs.

You do get good photos with that iphone!

Hot Pants said...

I think I will take my fall pictures and photo shop them to look like spring in Vegas.

Memzy said...

I feel a special bond with you since we have twinners weather.

Emily said...

We don't even know what fall is anymore. I super miss it.