Thursday, October 8, 2009

Help me out, K?

Hey, I need some ideas for Halloween costumes for me and Tony this year.

Yes, we're dressing up. We don't usually, on account of being too cool, etc. (Except for last year, when I wore my Fork's hoodie and told everyone I was Bella.)

See, I'm helping with this big, practically famous, Halloween party, and I gotta dress up, or else be shunned. Not only will everyone be dressed up, but also, there's this costume contest, with above-average prizes. I don't necessarily need to win, I just need my costume to be freaking incredible so people will come up to me afterward and say things like, "You should have won, cuz you had one of the best costumes of all time!"

Here are the results of my brainstorming session:

An Amish couple
Lady Gaga and a bird's nest
Taylor Swift, looking forlorn, and Kanye West, holding her mic
iCarly and Spencer
Mary Murphy and Nigel
Blogspot and Facebook

What do you think? Give me some more ideas, K? This is important. We can do this!!
Yes. We. Can.


Erin Beck said...

He should go as a missionary and you should go as is girlfriend

Markie23 said...

Katniss & Peetah.... Duh.

Markie23 said...

... and take pictures!

ManicMandee said...

I really want you to do the Lady Gaga one. That would be awesome coming from you.
Or even better, Anthony could be Lady Gaga.

Krissy said...

Every year Jason wants us to dress up as a monk and a pregnant nun. (You can totally steal his brilliant idea, I give you permission.)

Good luck, I hope you win the contest

Jami said...

Who's brilliant idea? I totally went as a prego nun when I was prego with Regan. It rocked. I have pics to prove it. But jon wasn't a monk. He had a mullet--not saying a monk couldn't have a mullet.

Carol said...

How 'bout Regis and Kelly? Could be great!!!

Memzy said...

How about Obama and Oprah?

I love your iPhone idea. But one of you could be the phone and one the charger.

Or Michael Jackson and a bottle of pills.

Or a couple of vampires in baseball gear.

::wink wink::

or you could be a diarama. Two birds with one stone

or a coupon and $500.

^had to throw that last one in.

Annie said...

How about a poligimist. Tony will need to carry a blow up doll dressed up as your sister wife of course.

Warriorcats said...

lady gaga,Taylor swift,or the iphone. idk why...i just love Taylor and gaga alot...there one of my fave singers. i chose iphone cuz that would be awesome and super duper funny. but thats just my opinon.

Emily said...

Great ideas! I like Krissy's idea! You have to keep us posted on what you decide.

Jenny ESP said...

Krissy and Jami--I would never tempt fate by dressing up as a nun.

Annie--haha! But I would never tempt fate by dressing up as a polygamist.

eekareek said...

How about a diet coke and a diet pepsi

Warriorcats said...

haha i love eekareek's idea. maybe u should go as..hmmmmm...::thinks hard:: ! u could go as bread and ur hubby penut butter..or visa versa. lol

michelle said...

my friends and I went one year as the black eyed peas. Way easy circle around your eye and a big "P" on a white t-shirt :) I know...I'm clever right? :)