Thursday, September 10, 2009

Upwards of 3-4 dollars per week

I am employed.

I didn't set out to get a job, it just sort of happened. See, a while ago, I made up these Hunger Games-themed prizes for a certain contest-which-shall-not-be-named, on this website called Zazzle. Well, a few days ago, I starting getting all these emails from Zazzle, which annoyed me at first because I thought they were spamming me, so I would promptly delete them without reading them. After the fourth or fifth email, I finally looked a little closer at the subject line and saw this:

Your Product(s) Have Been Purchased

Wha? That's when I did a quick investigation and found out that not only did I have products, but they were for sale to the general Internet public, and strangers living in places like Lakewood, IL were purchasing them.

I get 10% of each product sold, which means I can make anywhere from $0.28 to $2.20, per product. As of today, I've made a total of $15.35. (And listen, that doesn't count the products I purchased myself, because I get that 10% discounted when I buy my own stuff.)

Feels good to be a working girl. Make my own money etc.

buy unique gifts at Zazzle

I've decided to expand my line to include other books themes. I'm working on a "These is My Words by Nancy Turner" line of shirts right now, with grammatical errors. Also, I know this girl who is the best in the bizz, when it comes to designing shirts, and I'm hoping to get her as my 50/50 partner, before she becomes my competition. We're instant imprints, her and I. I'll keep you posted.

$15.35. Can you believe it? Well, I better get back to work. Daily grind stuff. Can't wait for the weekend, eh? TGIF tomorrow.

PS. All those promised prizes have been shipped, except if I'm waiting for you to email me your address (--> Stands and Eyepatchy).


Jana said...

Is this 4 real?! Crazy!! Can I invest in your company? I'm gonna have about 50 thou to invest pretty soon.

eekareek said...

I designed a piece on that website awhile back but no one bought my item...I am not very creative.

Jenny ESP said...

You've made the first step, Eek, which is to refer to your t-shirt design as a "piece." You will be selling shirts in no time.

Jana--it's as 4 real as a hamburger cook-off. Investors are welcome. If you think about it, 50 thou in one lump sum is fine, but this t-shirt thing will generate 3-4 dollars a week for the rest of your life. Those monthly checks of about $15.00 will come more than once... they'll come monthly.

Memzy said...

It's good to know you are helping to bring home the bacon in your household. Instead of just lazing around heating up Lean Cuisine's on Anthony's dime.

I'm going to purchase that HG tote to take as my church bag.

Markie23 said...

I don't know if that $15.35 will cover the cost of the copyright infringement lawsuits. Let's just hope that Suzanne Collins doesn't Google herself.

ManicMandee said...

Hey that is pretty cool! You'll be butt rich before you know it.

Jenny ESP said...

Debbie Downer (aka Fox Face, aka Markie)--I've got news for you. Writers are not typically employed to design their own book jacket art, just as book jacket designers are not typically employed to write books. Ms. Collins owns not that design. Still, point taken.

Krissy said...

You should design a HG eye patch, cuz apparently there are a lot of pirates out there. That could make you some big money as well. Congrats on the new job, you working woman you.

Emily said...

Really?? You could go big with this.


Landee said...

Oh shoot... I thought I was gonna be your 50/50 partner rather than your competition. This "instant imprints" girl sounds awesome tho. Gorgeous even.

I've been working on a few designs myself. Not that you're interested now but yeah...I've been working on them. Let me know when you get my sample piece in the mail, mkay?

Flem said...

Wow!! I am totally buying something here once there has been enough down time between my six ebay purchases this month (I usually only order like one thing a month but I had to get a ton of stuff lately)

That apron. But is it cheating to purchase it when I didn't rightfully win it?

Mary said...

I just finished Catching Fire last night and am bummed to have to wait a year or two to find out what happens! I hate having to wait for sequels. No more 3 part books until all of them are available on the shelves, okay?!

michelle said...

SIL...that is the coolest!!!!

I bought Catching Fire last night -100 pages in. Did I tell you that Scott read Hunger Games? He's secretly a member of the book club :)