Friday, September 25, 2009

The Post where I talk about how busy I've been. And, Homer.

I have been disturbingly busy ever since the kids started back at school. My schedule is freakish. My day basically ends at 2pm. Disturbing, no? Freakish, yes? I'm srsly thinking of dressing up for Halloween this year as my car-pool schedule, but I don't want to scare the other parents.

Homer's going to preschool two days a week now. He loves it. Who wouldn't love preschool? What with all that glue and scissors and Thomas the Train tables? That's heaven, my friend.

These pictures are from Homer's first day of school, about four weeks ago:

He was so excited, but still fell asleep in the car on the way there. It's kind of a long drive, in preschool minutes. Doesn't he look about seven years tall in that picture? Sad.

He perked right up when we got there, tho.

This is the inside of the preschool. It's really cute. Probably the cutest preschool any of my kids have gone to.

Despite my day ending earlier this year, I still have loads of one-on-one time with Homer. I have moments when I really appreciate the time I have with him, and moments when I long for a little more freedom to get the things done that I need/want to do. I'm trying to find a good balance, but so far Homer is winning. Part of the problem is that he has suddenly turned into a giant chicken. He's afraid to be alone, due to the ghosts, pirates, and aliens that live in our house. I don't wonder why he's afraid of those things, because I was terrified of the same things when I was his age. Except maybe pirates.

Here's an edited-down video I took of Homer before school this week. He still has his head wound here, but it's looking much better now. I wanted to ask him a few interview-type questions, but he pleaded the 5th to most of them. As a result, most of the video wound up on the cutting room floor. I got tired of hearing my voice after about 2 minutes anyway.



eekareek said...

I like Homer's superman curl off to the side of his head. It is cute! I really need to take some video of my kids...or maybe just a picture even.

Memzy said...

I agree with Sara. I take tons of pics but not enough videos of my kids. Priceless.

Cristin said...

I heart that video. I should do that...someday.

Hot Pants said...

I love listening to the tapes of dad's interviews with us. I haven't touched my video camera in at least 3 years.

Landee said...

He's afraid of the outside cuz it's blistering hot. Even a 3 year old knows that's not normal temperatures to live in and he figures the world is coming to an end. That "dog woofed at me" bit was just a cover up.

I wish Home-dog and Beebs could be in the same class. We could totally carpool and then you'd have some more me-time. And by me I mean ME, not you.

Maddie said...

lol murphie

Emily said...

I wish I had a Homer around here. What a cute kid. I could listen to him talk forever.

Cute stuff.

Carol said...

Homer looks so much like his Dad--no wait--his mom--no--his dad. Can you make him stay 4 and not grow up? Let me know how that works out. Loved the video!!!!!!!

Flem said...

I'm with landee on the fear of temperature factor though dog+heat is an even scarier thing.

Markie23 said...

Cute? I thought that preschool looked kinda like the inside of a restroom.