Monday, September 28, 2009

Be your own movie critic

I really WANTED to like this movie. I wanted the movie to be cool, so mine and Tony's matching t-shirts would be cool. Anyhow, I guess we can still wear them when we go running at night.

As you can tell from the tag line, "Be your own hero," WHIP IT is basically one of those inspirational, underdog, sports team movies, but with roller derby instead. There was no Gene Hackmen, no sing-a-long sequence, and no slow clap at the end, all of which confused me. The other cliches were in order, as expected:

The underdog team

The new girl who becomes the star player

The career player who rules the ring and hides a soft heart beneath her gruff exterior

The crazy teammate who always gets sent to the penalty box

The frustrated coach

The playbook with the unbeatable "picket fence" play

The bff at home who is super supportive but eventually gets mad bc she is under appreciated

The un-supportive parents who freak when they find out about roller derby, but finally see the light right at the very end

The lesson that it's not about winning, but about following your passion/dreams

If you like that formula, you might enjoy the movie. I guess the thing that makes this movie slightly different is the "grungy punk vibe." Horrible clothes that think they make the statement "I'm different" but really say "I'm trying too hard." The roller derby outfits were da bomb, though. And so were the team names like, the "Hurl Scouts" and the "Holy Rollers." All very garbage pail kids. (I wish my t-shirt said "Hurl Scouts" on it instead of "Be Your Own Hero," then I could wear it as if it were a garbage pail kids shirt.)

There were funny moments, hilarious moments, charming moments, exciting moments, cute moments, but the overall story was broken up and disjointed. Ellen Page was her usual-(huh? I'm adorable?)-self, which is always fascinating to watch. The love interest had the worst haircut ever. Lemme see if I can find a picture, hang on...

There. I had to draw some extra hair in to show you what it looked like in the movie.

If you can get past the hair (and brit-teeth and Jack-Skellington-body), then he's a likable enough guy.

Bottom line is, this is one of those movies that people will WANT to like, so they will ignore the fact that they were disappointed, which is kind of what I did.



eekareek said...

His hair looked good to me. I don't think I could stomach any movie that involved roller skates anyways.

Landee said...

"Bottom line is, this is one of those movies that people will WANT to like, so they will ignore the fact that they were disappointed, which is kind of what I did."

Which is also what you did with CF.

::badum dum::

I love Ellen Page. I'll probably pretend to like it too.

Jenny ESP said...

You are like the one person on the planet who hated Catching Fire, yet thought Graceling was utter brilliance. Anyway, you're being a Debbie Downer about it. I wish you would just "like it for what it was"<--as you love to say very smugly whenever you pretend to like a book that you really hated. Sheesh. Don't make me shun you.

Landee said...

Don't put words in my mouth!! I never said I HATED it. It left me longing for something else and I forgot about it the second I closed the book. It's totally my fault that my expectations were too high and SCollins, the crazy cat lady, didn't deliver. I'll like it for the sub-par stepping stone book that it is and hope that SCollins proves me dead wrong in book 3.

Memzy said...

It's no use to argue with her Jespy. She'll aaaaaalways win.

And did you call the roller derby outfits "da bomb"? Thought so.

Landee said...

Memz, stay out of it. I only win when I'm right.

And I'm right.

I never said I hated it and I CERTAINLY never said Graceling was utter brilliance but it wasn't as bad as Jespy made it out to be.

Jenny ESP said...

It's all right, Memz. I like her for what she is. A total B* who is always right.


Maddie said...

so...did you like it?

Emily said...

Very impressive review but I'm pretty sure I'll skip it now.