Monday, August 3, 2009

Wanda's House

I found that little cramped hole/cave where Wanda spent the second
half of The Host by Stephenie Meyer. Got lots of pictures.


Memzy said...

My back hurts just thinking of it.

Landee said...

Uh, that is too obvious. The seekers would have figured out wild humans lived there in about .04 seconds.

Nice find the REAL hole.

Mary said...

Don't know anything about Wanda's house, but those sure are some fine looking men!

ShelBailey said...

I been there..just last year..we took the 'scenic" route home and stopped there and took pics. Did you go to Wupatki, too?

Flem said...

Until Landee blew that idea out of the water, I totally was into it. Maybe this is on the backside of the mountain, like you can only see it once you get up close.

I way bought into it. Way.