Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Meat Eater

Our neighbors invited us over for dinner last weekend.

That's a first for us. Yes, the Esplin's have never been dinner guests before. (we're quite unpopular). I was nervousing a little, because I wasn't sure if they would have Lean Cuisines, or if I would be required to eat something "fresh" or "home cooked."

Anyway, the dinner turned out superb. We ate on real plates and everything. They'd prepared a smorgasbord of side-dishes... enough to make my mouth water. But for the main course, we had our choice of grilled steak, chicken, or salmon. I don't eat those things, as you may know, so while Tony and the boys salivated over the selection of non-microwaved meat, I was nervousing about how to gracefully decline the main course without sounding like a jerk. Just as our hostess was about to throw all that meat on the grill, I panicked and blurted out, "I don't eat meat." (which is a broad statement, because I do eat certain types of meat if it is prepared in such a way, but I wasn't going to get into all the details of burnt bacon etc) To which the hostess replied, "That's all right, we have chicken and salmon also."

Whoa. Are chicken and salmon not considered meat?

At that point, I couldn't add, "I don't eat any subcategories of meat either" without feeling like a complete B, so I played it cool and opted to try the grilled salmon, which was the lesser of two meats in my mind.

I consumed grilled salmon. Multiple bites. I can add that to my bucket list, beneath "stand in quicksand," and then cross it off immediately.

It was fun, the food was delish, and we humble Esplins ended the night quite gruntled. Best neighbors. So lucky to have good neighbors.

Have you ever driven 70 miles to buy pencils on sale?
I did that yesterday.
Trust me, it makes sense.
I'm talking Dixon Ticonderogas.
I'll tell you about it tomorrow.


Carol said...

So proud of you for trying the Salmon. Good girl. And 70 miles for pencils on sale? what's wrong with that picture. Can't wait for the info.

Landee said...

You poor deary having to eat grilled salmon! (please sense the sarcasm in my voice). But I too am proud of you. You're growing.

Never been invited to dinner? I guarantee Flem will cry when she reads that. She has peeps over 3-10 times per week.

Jami said...

i would drive 71 miles for a good dixon ticonderoga. Nothing compares.

Memzy said...

1. I almost made you eat salmon. Remember that?

2. I bought pencils today that were NOT DT. And it was only a matter of 3 miles diff. Color me lazy.

Flem said...

I am crying. We would have had you over at least fiddy times. Crying. Good call landers.

My next confusion is this:

1) Why don't you eat meat
2) Why didn't they ask you if there is anything you don't eat when they invited you?
3) Will you eat over there again if invited? And will you then eat the salmon again?
4) Are there any vegetarians in Vegas? That is a weird response, like the Auntie in My Big Fat Greek Wedding who said "you don't eat meat? I make Lamb."

Erin Beck said...

I love a good bloody steak but yesterday Doc Oz told me that you can catch tape worm from that and burn megga calories so now I love it even more!

Mary said...

Now you know that when asked to dinner you immediately thank them for the invite and then let them know you are a cheap dinner date as you don't eat beef, lamb, horse, goat, pig, or mammals of any kind; chicken or fowl of any kind; or anything that has come from the ocean or rivers of the world. And depending on who has issued the invitation, you might want to include the insect world and amphibians in that list. Actually, it might be easier to give them a list of what you will eat!

ManicMandee said...

Did you really like the salmon? The truth.

Your neighbors sound wonderful. I want some like that. Rather than the kind I've got who seem constantly bothered by something we or our children have done. They even asked us to move our tree! They didn't like where we planted it.

Emily said...

Since when were you a non-meat eater?

Gotta hear more about your pencil obsession.

Krissy said...

I am also curious if you liked the salmon, prey tell.

Ticonderogas are hard to come by around here this time of year. It is quite aggravating.

eekareek said...

Chicken is sometimes not considered a meat thanks to McDonalds.

And Yes, I have traveled many miles and spents hours at check out stands to get free or discounted food using coupons.

Jenny ESP said...

Memzy--Yes, I remember. Your fettuccine was way delish tho. Tony wants the recipe, bad!

1) I get grossed out by it, I don't know why. I have always been this way.<--that's answers Emily's Q too.

2) The invite was delivered via my kids, and I felt like it would be rude to send Cord back over to tell them my eating habits, although when he found out they were grilling steaks, he was deeply concerned and asked if he could tell them that I don't eat that. I told him not to worry about it, but I think he dropped a few hints anyway. Which, I assume, is why chicken and salmon were added to the menu? You see my dilemma.

3) Yes, of course. And, I hope not.<--answers MM's Q too.

4) I'm sure there are.

Jana said...

You don't eat meat? Crap! I slipped some steak into your enchilada when when we went to lunch.