Thursday, August 13, 2009

Country folk

I'm sitting in the waiting room at discount tire, doing my favorite
thing: sinking more money into my '02 pearl-toned Suzuki XL7. Man, I
love that car. It's my pleasure to buy new tires for her, rather than
get something nice for myself.

The guys at discount tire like country music, and they have a loud
sound system in here. Have you ever noticed how funny country music
is? I'm having a hard time keeping it together here, bursts of
laughter keep escaping me. I'm trying to think about my fancy new
tires, and ignore these funny country folks, but I might be forced to
exit the building soon if they don't quit it.


Crysty said...

Oh, the smell of those tire stores just about does me in! I hope you didn't have to sit there too long, bad music and all!

Katie said...

People who love tires, also live country music. Everybody knows that!

Landee said...

Country music is about REAL LIFE... cheatin', drinkin', trucks and cheatin'.

I hope you learned a thing or two sittin' in that there tire shop.

Memzy said...

I can't believe you would talk like that about country music. Especially after the hootie and the blowfish guy went country v

Memzy said...

Darius Rucker

Emily said...

I HATE tire shops! Nasty, dirty, stinky...

eekareek said...

Did you get free popcorn?