Monday, July 13, 2009

Today's High: 107 degrees

Some of you have asked about the night temperature here in the blustery city of Las Vegas. Well, the temp does not drop dramatically just because the sun goes down, as it might in some cities. In the dead of summer, we're lucky if it gets down to 80 degrees by midnight. Last night, it was 94 degrees when we ran (about midnight). That's unusually high. We were hoping it would get down to 85 tonight, but that's unlikely as it is currently 97 degrees, and we go in 2 hours. Fingers crossed.
Las Vegas summers. Not for the faint of heart.
Jenny Esplin. Not faint of heart.


Memzy said...

Not faint of heart. ::pointing to self::

ps. High in paso robles on Friday 99. Perf.

Markie23 said...

Today's low: 56
Today's high: 83

It's supposed to hit 100 on Friday, but the low is supposed to be 67.

Also I jogged last night - cockroach free.

Cristin said...

Well our highs have been in the 60's the past few days but we're finally getting into the 80's today WOOT. when I walk in the morning and evening it's usually in the high 50's. I can't even imagine 90's....sigh....I like blankets of warm air.

Erin Beck said...

Fascinating topic!

Annie said...

I've missed so much...sorry.

1. I love your new header, boy are you talented.
2. Yes it does stay very hot in L.V. when the sun goes down. When we pulled into your driveway at 1:30 am it was around 90 but I LOVED how cool Tony keeps your house.
3. Looks like good times in Boise. Hope I'm going to get a special visit this summer from a couple of cuz's ::hint, hint::
4. I loved going to D.C. with you vicaruosly of couse.

Mary said...

I'm not crazy about cold weather, but I'm afraid I'd have to pick enduring Idaho's winters over suffering through Las Vegas' summers.
Drink lots of water on those runs!

Krissy said...

running in 94 degrees=not so cozy and peaceful anymore!

Flem said...

Uh how is Bakersfield much better? Except the strawberries of course. Also, 99 as the high is perf?

I am in Utahr which, as Markie pointed out, is unseasonably nice. I won't point out that in my own apartment it is running a nice 76. It is empty by the way if anyone wants to hang out there. The key is hidden.

eekareek said...

Nice legs.

Memzy said...

Onnacuzza we are going to a water park with the kids and it needs to be hot enough to stay in the water all day. Fer realz.

ManicMandee said...

You are a hard core runner in that case for sure. Yikes. That doesn't sound like too much fun.